13 Genius IKEA Kallax Hacks for Lots of Storage

Storage and organization ideas are commonly searched on Pinterest. We’re all looking for new, clever, and most of all, budget-friendly, options to organize everything from our kitchen to office to laundry room. IKEA is known for their simple, affordable furniture, but have you met the IKEA Kallax cube shelf? In my opinion, it’s the most versatile piece they sell. 

The Kallax series comes in a variety of configuration options and sizes, with the smallest being a 2 x 2 cube size for $39.99 up to a huge 5×5 cube for $179. They can be mounted on the wall, stacked horizontally, stand vertically, and yes, they are even strong enough to sit on. The options are endless! 

My first hack was the IKEA Billy bookcase hack we turned into built-ins for our TV using two IKEA shelves and two stock cabinets from Home Depot. We created the whole thing ourselves for around $300 and it was actually one of our favorite projects we did that made a huge impact in our living room! Never underestimate the power of IKEA :)

IKEA is great, but no one wants the plain, white boring shelf. Which is why I’ve rounded up 13 genius IKEA Kallax hacks for storage that are sure to keep you organized and give your home a dash of personality. With these Kallax hacks, your cube shelf will look anything but boring.  

Best of all, they are totally customizable and fairly simple to make so you can create your own look that fits you and your style and home.

13 Genius IKEA Kallax Hacks for Lots of Storage

Reading Nook with Built-in Storage

This cute and cozy reading corner will soon become your kids’ favorite seat in the house! Plus the hidden storage is perfect for toys or unworn clothing. Another IKEA bonus - the book shelves on the wall pictured above the bench are actually IKEA spice racks! 

Reading Nook with Built-In Storage Tutorial


Media Center Table

This thing holds a TON and you can use whatever wicker baskets or metal baskets you love for a different look. It would be great for storing electronics, gaming systems, games, chargers, batteries and other odds and ends that never had a spot in your home before. 

Media Center Table Tutorial


Mid-Century Modern Table

I love this simple mid-century modern table with peg legs for an elevated yet easy look. Its smaller size is great for apartments or small entryways that don’t have room for a large bench or shelving.

Mid-Century Modern Table Tutorial



Wall-Mounted Shelves

We always think of the Kallax shelves as sitting on the floor, but they can be mounted on the wall too. This clever garage storage solution provides a great solution for tool organization, but you could also do a similar hack for laundry room wall shelves above a washer. They recommend using 265 lb toggle bolts to secure both units to the wall.

Ikea Garage Storage Solution Tutorial


Rustic Nightstand

A simple hack but enough to give it some personality. Wrap the Kallax with wood boards and you suddenly have a rustic nightstand DIY for under $20. Just nail 1x3 pine boards around the outside of your Kallax, stain them with with the same Minwax stain called Early American which is the perfect color that’s not too light, not too dark. Easy peasy!

Rustic Ikea Shelf Tutorial


Chic Console Table

I almost can’t believe this is an IKEA hack! It looks way more custom and expensive than it really is. All you need is the Kallax shelf, these door inserts, hardware, and door overlays. It looks so chic you would never guess toys are hiding behind the doors. 

Ikea Kallax Chic Console Table Tutorial

ikea kallax hack.jpg

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are expensive, but not this one! I’m amazed at the creativity to turn a Kallax shelf into a functional island countertop. Top the shelf with some butcher block counters, add castor wheels to the bottom, and you have yourself a nice island. 

Ikea Kallax Kitchen Island Tutorial 


Craft Room Workbench

This is such a simple, affordable option for a customizable workstation under $160. Get the LINNMON table top and adjustable height legs, attach it to the Kallax shelf, and you’re set!

Ikea Hack: Craft Room Work Table Tutorial 


Modern Credenza 

Add some inexpensive table legs and add a couple drawers inserts and you have yourself a nice credenza tale that’s perfect for an entryway, dining room, or living room. It’s such an easy way to update the Kallax so it looks custom without spending a ton of money.

Modern Credenza Tutorial


Wood Stained Side Table with Doors

This side table has a mid-century modern flair with stained doors made from pine wood doors that add a touch of warmth. Use whatever stain color you like on the doors for a different look. The creators actually hung a clothing rod in the shelf to hang garments and store shoes. Genius!

Side Table with Doors Tutorial


Wood Veneer TV Unit

This TV unit makes quite the impact! It uses 3 different sizes of the Kallax shelf and two 2’x8’ sheets of PSA backed walnut veneer to stick to the front of each drawer insert for a unique look.

Wood Veneer TV Unit Tutorial


DIY Dresser

I love the combination of drawer and door inserts from IKEA for a super functional dresser. Painting the legs white instead of staining them like we’ve seen in other tutorials gives the whole dresser a cute and feminine vibe. 

DIY Dresser Tutorial


Mirrored Glam Console Table

All of the shelves so far have been white, so a coat of black paint gives this a moody dramatic look! It ues long Estelle 480’ legs and mirrored overlays to add some drama. The overlays are made specifically for IKEA Kallax inserts so you peel off the backing and stick them on. No measuring required! You would never know this was an IKEA shelf before.

Mirrored Glam Console Tutorial


There you have it! A list of 13 clever IKEA Kallax hacks to dress up just about any room in your room. I hope you found some good ideas and maybe were inspired to create your own hack. 

Just a quick tip, sometimes IKEA puts Kallax shelves on sale, so keep an eye out to save even more money!

IKEA Billy Bookcase Built-In Hack

DIY IKEA built-ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins

I've always loved built-ins and they popped up several times in my Dream Home pin board when analyzing my decorating style, so I knew they were always something I wanted to incorporate into our home. When we first moved in we made a quick TV stand from an IKEA Kallax shelf, but I was never 100% happy with it. Our living room is small, and it just didn't have a good focal point.

Good-bye old TV stand . . .

modern-living-room with blue accents

Hellooooo pretty built-ins!

DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins

I LOVE the way they turned out! We were able to finish them in a weekend for about $300.

DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins

IKEA Billy Bookcase Built-In Hack

Here's the story...

There are all kinds of styles and ideas out there for built-ins. Originally, I was thinking we would just build them from scratch, making the shelves and cabinets ourselves. After more research and asking Jordon if he thought he could do it (he's not a professional builder and has limited time and tools), I decided to look into DIY versions that we could piece together to make things a little easier. I found several tutorials but none of them consisted of everything I wanted. I wanted our built-ins to have cabinets for the TV to sit on and for storage, plus open shelving on the sides, and a top shelf above the TV.

In the tutorials I found online many people used the IKEA Billy bookcases. There are a few different sizes of the Billy bookcase to choose from. Because our wall isn't huge and the built-ins couldn't extend from end to end (it would cut off part of the doorway) I thought 2 single Billy bookcases would fit nicely, I just needed to figure out how to create the cabinets. The Billy collection did have the option to buy doors to attach to the bookcases, however, the doors were $40 a piece which would get spendy fast. That same day I was browsing IKEA's site, I went to Home Depot for something else and ran into some pre-fabricated cabinets on sale. They were exactly what I was looking for and much more affordable than buying IKEA doors to create our own cabinets.

I drew up the design and Jordon liked the idea so we ordered the IKEA shelves and went back to Home Depot to pick up the cabinets. Just an FYI, the cabinets are 12 inches deep and the IKEA shelves are 11 inches deep but the difference didn't bother me.


For installation, we loosely followed this tutorial by Centsational Girl, but had to make our own adjustments and used trial and error along the way.

First, we measured where the built-in would stand centered on the wall and marked the area off so we could cut out carpet and remove the baseboards along the wall. To remove the carpet we just it out with a utility knife.

Because we decided not to use the original baseboard along the front of our built-ins because we didn't have enough and I wanted it white, we didn't have to be super cautious about not damaging the trim. We used a 6 inch pry bar to loosen the baseboard, starting near a nail hole. Be careful not to pry the bar into the wall because it will damage the drywall (to prevent damage, slide a putty knife behind the trim as you wedge the pry bar).

DIY built-ins

We raised the cabinets about 3 inches using 2x4 boards to create an illusion of a built-in. Had we not raised it, we wouldn't have been able to run baseboards across the entire bottom because the cabinets sat lower than the bookcases.

We attached the frame into the wall studs and then screwed the cabinets into the frame.

DIY built-ins

Then we assembled the IKEA bookcases and lined them up against the installed cabinets. We used a small L bracket to secure the bookcases to the wall so they won't tip. The bracket is small enough visually you can't see it unless you're standing back far in the room, but it can be painted white to disguise it.

DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins

We used a 1x12x60" board and glued it on top of the cabinets for a nice platform for the TV, holding it with clamps until dry.

To create the floating shelf above the TV, we took 2 more 1x12x60" boards and made pocket holes using a kreg jig. Then we used pocket screws to screw them into the IKEA bookcases, lining then up so the shelves are straight across. Without pocket holes, we would have had to mount the shelf using brackets which wold have been visible.

DIY built-ins

A little reminder to plug your TV in the wall and bring the cords around the back BEFORE you attach the 2 bookcases to the wall. We were all finished with the built-ins and went to plug in the TV when we realized we forgot to account for the cords. We ended up having to drill into the wall and shelf creating a crevice to run the cords.

DIY built-ins

For the baseboard, we used the only 3 inch trim we could find in Home Depot and screwed them in using small screws. To cover the gap where the shelves meet the cabinets, we used an edging that concealed it perfectly, using caulk to fill any seams. Everything got a fresh coat of white paint by Behr (what we used on all the walls in our home). We didn't actually paint the IKEA shelves and found the whites to match almost identically.

Overall this project cost us around $300 in materials and we did it in one weekend. I'm soooo happy with the results! I can't believe how good it looks and we were able to do it on a pretty small budget. The built-ins create a nice focal point that our living room really needed.

DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins
DIY IKEA Hack Built-Ins

Small Kitchen Remodel Before and After

We're revealing our small kitchen renovation reveal that we did ourselves on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and after photos. You won't believe what it looked like before our remodel!

I can’t even tell you how excited we are about our kitchen renovation reveal and how well it turned out! And I’m even more excited to share our process and how we got here. Because it definitely didn’t always look this pretty. Our kitchen renovation was a long time in the making. So to say we finally have a fully functioning, updated, BEAUTIFUL kitchen is such a dream.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean you sacrifice style or function. If you are strategic with your decisions, you can make great use of the space that works for your family.

Without further adieu, let’s dive right in to our small kitchen remodel before and after and how we got here.

As a brief recap if you are new around here, we bought this home 4 years ago in Iowa. It is an older home that hadn’t been updated since the 70s we guess. Everything about the kitchen was out-dated. But the home had potential and it was a great price, so it made a good starter home.

Small Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when we bought it. This was taken during the process of painting our cabinets, hence a few of the cabinet doors removed, which we did a few months after moving in. One great bonus is this kitchen actually has quite a bit of cabinets, which is not always the case with small kitchens.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.05.20 PM.png

After we painted and turned them into pretty blue kitchen cabinets using the color Northern Star by Pratt & Lambert, it looked like this. We painted to get rid of the terrible orangey cabinets and it looked better. But at this point we still had linoleum floors and counters and the old, original appliances.

While we knew we wanted to renovate the kitchen eventually, it wasn’t in the budget to do it right away. We lived with the painted cabinets and out-dated appliances and floors for a few years.

In the meantime, we talked about our plans and what we wanted to do with our kitchen eventually. Being a galley kitchen, we didn’t have the option to add an island so the floor plan would remain the same. Since we were doing the remodel ourselves and we don’t take on debt for projects, we waited until we had money saved up and we were comfortable enough taking on the work.


The biggest issue with our kitchen is it just wasn’t an inspiring place to hang out. We cook a lot and hardly ever eat out, so we’re always in the kitchen. The oven was so small with only one rack, and the stove top was old and the knobs were wearing off so you couldn’t see the burner temperatures. It wasn’t that functional and certainly didn’t feel like “us.”

After 3 (!!!!) years of living in our home with an out-dated kitchen, we finally tackled the kitchen renovation the summer of 2018. It was kind of a last minute decision to do it, actually. We had talked about starting within the year, but to make it even more stressful, we decided to start the reno just a a couple months before our wedding! Because why not ha. Nothing like a hard deadline to get everything finished in time! Excited doesn’t even BEGIN to express how happy I was to rip out the out-dated kitchen.

But first, let’s talk design plans.

The Design Plan

As the type A planner that I am, I had our design plan figured out well before we actually started demo. We weren’t adding on or changing the footprint of our kitchen, but we were updating counters, floors, hardware, lighting, backsplash, appliances, window treatment and cabinets.

The overall vibe I wanted for the kitchen is the same as the rest of our house: light, airy, cozy with a mix of rustic + modern elements.

To figure out what we wanted for cabinets and counters and all the other details, I did some research, of course spent time on Pinterest pinning ideas, and then created a mood board so I had a visual of what all the elements looked like together, creating my design plan.

If you want a more in-depth look at how I research and create a room design plan, read this.

Related Post: How to Come Up with a Room Design Plan


When we put in our wood floors in the living room over a year ago, we purchased enough for the kitchen, knowing we were updating those floors at some point too, so we had the flooring already figured out. Installing matching flooring that flows from room to room goes a long way in making the spaces feel cohesive and it makes rooms feel bigger and less choppy.

Related Post: How to Choose Wood Flooring: Laminate vs. Hardwood

Learn how to create a mood board here, like the one I made pictured above.

Backsplash + Countertops

We did white subway tile in our bathroom, so I wanted white subway tile backsplash in our kitchen to repeat the look and create cohesiveness. I’m a big fan of classic backsplash that you won’t tire of after a few years. Subway tile is always a practical yet beautiful option that’s pretty affordable.

For countertops, it was between white quartz or butcher block. Quartz counters were over double the cost of butcher block, so that’s ultimately why we chose wood counters. While I do love the look of butcher block, this isn’t our forever home so we didn’t want to spend more than what we’d actually get back when we decide to sell, so butcher block made sense. They do require a little more maintenance, so that’s something to keep in mind. I researched how to care for butcher block a ton and found that with a little extra care and some mineral oil, they will hold up for years.


Taking out the old stove top and built-in wall oven meant we had to rework the location of the new appliances a bit. It’s actually more cost effective to have a combined range and oven, so we shifted it over slightly to add some extra counter space. We also were installing a dishwasher (finally!!), getting a new microwave that mounted above the range to allow for more counter space, and a new fridge. The dishwasher was the most exciting part of the new kitchen, I think. Washing dishes is my LEAST favorite chore. I like the look of stainless steel so that’s what we went with. for our appliances. Usually you can get a discount if you buy appliances in a bundle package which is what we did at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

On to kitchen cabinets…our biggest dilemma.

While I love the blue kitchen cabinets we had, I wanted our new cabinets to be more neutral.  We went back and forth on whether we’d keep the current cabinets and just paint them, or if we’d install all new cabinets.

Ideally, I wanted new cabinets. We’d have to rip out the whole wall of cabinets where the old oven and stovetop are to make room for the new range, which meant we’d have to install new cabinets on that wall to replace them anyway. I couldn’t find any stock cabinets available that matched our current size. I felt it would look odd to have mismatched cabinets on one side of the kitchen, so replacing them all sounded like the best option. The old cabinet shelves also weren’t adjustable and didn’t have a tall enough clearance for things like a canister of oatmeal, so that was another bonus of new cabinets. It’s all about the little things.

New cabinets also meant we’d spend more than if we repainted our existing and replaced just the one side of cabinets next to the range.

To see how much new cabinets would cost, we got a quote from a semi-custom cabinet company and were shocked at how much it cost. They always say new cabinets are expensive, and they aren’t kidding. And we don’t even have a ton of cabinets like larger kitchens! I tried to reach out to the cabinet company and see where we could make a few adjustments (I wanted some open shelving) to maybe lower the cost a bit, but they were horrible about getting back to me so after the bad customer service, we nixed that idea. They did provide a handy blueprint we were able to work off of and check prices for stock cabinets at Home Depot. Home Depot cabinets ended up being one fifth of the cost, plus there was no lead time (we only had to order a couple cabinets online, the rest were in stock in our local store).

The great thing about Home Depot stock cabinets is the variety of base and wall cabinet types. They offer a mix of wall and base cabinets, some with larger drawers that are great for storing pots and pans. You can really play with the assortment and pick cabinets based on your needs that fit your kitchen size.

The main concern we had with the Home Depot stock cabinets was quality. If you read the reviews online, they are not great. Most of the them said they were cheaply made and arrived broken in some way. Ugh. I went to our store to check them out myself first hand, and after looking, I thought they actually looked pretty nice and the quality seemed like it’d work fine for us. The quality isn’t top notch and they use a cheaper wood than custom cabinets, but for the price and for the average kitchen, they will work great.

They cabinets were available in either white or a light grey. The gray color came with a shaker door style which I loved, so we went with it!

Ultimately, Jordon and I decided these cabinets were the best solution for us. We picked up all the cabinets in-store, and only had to order 2 that weren’t in stock. These are the pre-assembled shaker cabinets at Home Depot we bought. My biggest suggestion if you are buying the cabinets is to buy them in store if possible. That way you can check over each cabinet to look for damage and get top pick. We ordered 2 cabinets online that weren’t available in-store, and one of the cabinets arrived damaged from shipping. This is where the bad reviews come from. If you can hand pick each cabinet in-store, do it.

At this point, we had a garage full of cabinets, appliances ordered, and all other design selections finalized.

We were ready for demo!

Demo Day

Jordon was eager to rip out cabinets, so I emptied them and packed everything up. He started ripping stuff out one day while I was at work. Nothing like getting texts of your newly gutted kitchen while you’re away! Not stressful at all. #kidding

We did keep the refrigerator as long as we could so we at least had some food for the time being, since the rest of our kitchen was out of use. We resorted to plugging in the microwave in the living room so we could still make oats and sandwiches during the 5 week kitchen renovation without a range.


It’s always nerve-racking on demo day because you never know exactly what you’ll uncover. We lucked out and everything was pretty normal, except, after ripping out the stovetop and lower cabinets, we discovered there was a vent that came up from the furnace that out-jetted from the wall. Right where we planned on placing a 12 inch wide cabinet wasn’t going to work anymore, because we needed a wider cabinet to be able to cut the back of it in order to fit over the vent. We were forced to switch the cabinet layout a bit which was a bummer. I planned on adding open shelving above the range, but that had to change. It also meant we no could no longer have cabinets on both side of the range like we originally planned.

Switching around the cabinet layout a couple times caused us to have to return a couple cabinets and order a couple new ones. This ended up setting us back a couple days because we were waiting for the new cabinets to arrive. All of our cabinets were in good shape, but we did have one that arrived a little broken. Luckily, it was only broken in the back and we were able to salvage it, since we didn’t have time to wait a week for a new one to come in.

One other fix we had to do was add a different electrical plug to fit the new range and wire the microwave so it was on a different circuit line.



Jordon was somehow able to install all the cabinets himself, leveling them and securing them to the wall. Once the cabinets were in, we could start on the wood flooring. Installing the wood floors took a few days with all the measuring and cutting. When the floors were in, we were ready for the appliances delivery. This was an exciting day! Our kitchen would finally be somewhat useable again and we could stop eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was ready to have a stove back. Surprisingly, we didn’t eat out once during the work week in the 5 weeks without a stove.

However, we ran into an issue when the appliances arrived. When we picked out appliances, we made sure the size fit within the cabinet space we allotted, but we forgot to account for the doorway leading into the kitchen. Oops! The guys dropped off the appliances but the fridge didn’t fit through the living room/kitchen doorway. We ended up having to remove the doors from the new fridge, and even remove part of the molding on the door frame to just barely be able to squeeze the new fridge in place, with only centimeters to give.

DIY Wood Countertops

With the appliances finally installed, we could start on the DIY wood countertops. We bought slabs of birch butcher block countertops from Menard’s and cut them to fit. They were fairly straightforward to install using this tutorial.

I researched a ton on how to seal the wood and found two options. Use a food grade sealer or use natural with mineral oil. Using a heavy duty wood sealer would protect the wood better longer term, but the sealer also changed the color of the wood and made it much more orangey than I liked. So I decided that applying mineral oil every few months was the best option for us. I made an entire IGTV video on how we care for our butcher block DIY wood countertops you can watch here.

The Home Stretch

In between the big projects like installing the cabinets, countertops, and appliances, we also finished things like repainting the walls, painting all the kitchen trim, and I painted the side entrance door the same Northern Star blue color we had on our previous kitchen cabinets.

Once the counters were in, we were in the home stretch and could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Up next was installing subway tile backsplash and the apron front farmhouse sink.

We went with classic white subway tile with light grey grout because it never goes out of style. Our farmhouse sink was a bit of a splurge and was the most expensive piece in our kitchen outside of appliances. But boy am I glad we got it! The large, single basin is convenient when washing pots and pans and it looks like a showstopper.

butcher block countertops
subway tile

The Reveal

After 5ish weeks of work, we finished the kitchen renovation! And with enough time to spare before our wedding :) It was definitely a long few weeks living in a construction zone and spending every available minute on the kitchen. It was a lot of work, but we’re so happy with how it turned out! Every time I walk in our kitchen I’m amazed we tackled all of it ourselves and how good it looks! It truly looks better than I had imagined.

If you are looking to refresh a room in your home, but you need a little help picking out furniture, colors, and decor, I can help! I offer room refresh services and can help design your room so you feel confident in your decisions. Click here for more info about how we can work together.

Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!

Incorporate Something Unique

To make your kitchen feel truly special and unique, incorporate a piece that’s custom or that has character to make it stand out.

One unique piece we had made for our kitchen is the black metal shelf. Since we were limited to floating kitchen shelving on just the one side of our galley kitchen due to the issue we discovered during demolition, I debated what I wanted to do for open shelving. At first, I was thinking open wood shelves, but I wanted to tie in the matte black accents from the chandelier. Then, I had the idea for a black metal shelf. I sketched it up and a local welder from my hometown brought my vision to life! I love that it’s different and unique yet ties together the space perfectly. Dress it up with pretty vases, a plant and cookbooks to bring in some personality and color!

We used our existing kitchen table and modern white chairs and installed a really fun mobile chandelier from West Elm which adds a nice modern touch. I think it compliments the rustic wood table nicely.

For the 4 windows surrounding our kitchen table, we went with white linen outside mount roman shades. I love cordless roman shades because they’re practical and super functional, but the white linen gives them a light, airy feel. Before our kitchen remodel we had blinds with cords, and I will never go back since installing these cordless shades! Cordless is the way to go.

Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!

We got our kitchen cabinet hardware off Amazon actually! They have tons of affordable options in large quantities. I decided to go with brushed nickel because I like the softness against our grey cabinets. The blue buffalo check shade above our apron sink makes me smile every time. It adds a fun twist, don’t you think?

If you decide on butcher block wood countertops for your home, I highly suggest using a little tray like the one we have to hold your soap and dish brush so they aren’t sitting directly on the wood. The bottles will leave water rings otherwise.

Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!
Our small kitchen remodel reveal on a budget with grey cabinets, oak wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, a farmhouse sink and more. Click to see the before and afters. You won't believe what it looked like before!

I hope you enjoyed our little kitchen tour! If I missed anything or if you have questions, ask away in the comments!

Shop Our Kitchen

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If you want to take a virtual tour of our kitchen and get a peek at it in real life, watch the video below :)

Article Furniture Review: Sitka Sofa

Three years ago, I was looking for a sofa to replace our bulky sectional which you can read all about. Having a small living room made it claustrophobic with a large sectional. We needed something that was smaller scale but still comfortable, and of course it had to fit my style. 

I was browsing online one day for sofas and landed on Article.com and was completely smitten. Article has beautiful, stylish, and modern furniture at great prices. They have so many different styles of sofas! After some back and forth, I ultimately decided on the Sitka in quartz white. 

If you are contemplating an Article sofa or maybe you’re researching and need more info, I am writing this complete Article furniture review of our sofa for you. It’s definitely seen its fair share of use over the 3 years we’ve had it. Maybe this will help you pull the trigger on a new stylish sofa!

My Article Furniture Review on the Sitka Sofa

10 out of 10 means I LOVE IT. Here are the categories I will rate:

  • Overall Look

  • Price

  • Comfort

  • Fabric

  • Quality 

Let’s dive into the fine details of the Sitka Sofa.

Overall Look 10/10

This sofa makes my heart happy!  I love the clean, modern straight lines and the fact that it does not have peg legs. I’ll admit, once the sofa was delivered and sitting in our living room, I wasn't quite sure about the size. It felt a little small compared to our bulky oversized sectional.  This sofa actually sits lower than our previous sectional, therefore, the back profile is lower than most traditional sofas. However, my husband and I can lay comfortably side by side while enjoying a movie, so it’s still plenty long and the cushions are nice and deep.  The measurements were exact as listed online and it looks just as it did in photos. Comparatively speaking, it’s just a smaller-scale sofa than our previous sectional but I wanted something less bulky and that’s what this is. It is all part of a modern sofa, which I love! 

realtor house 5.jpg

Price 7/10

Obviously pricing is all relative. This Article sofa is reasonably priced to me, but might feel outrageous to you. I’ll give you two explanations on my 7/10 rating:

  1. Competitors and other sofas similar to the Sitka are right around the same price range. Pottery Barn does have a sofa with a comparable look who's starting price is $500 more, so Article is reasonably priced I would say without compromising quality.  

  2. Taking into account quality, I would say the price is great. We bought a cheaper sofa in the past and it didn’t last. It started pilling just after a few months and it just felt cheap. Especially when you think about how much you use it, whether or not you like to admit it, you definitely get your money's worth. We still have several years with this sofa and have no question it will hold up.

Comfort 8/10

Comfort is paramount when deciding on a sofa.  Who wants to sit or lay down after a long day and be uncomfortable?  Not me or my husband. I didn’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. When it arrived and I sat down on it for the first time, I was a little worried I wouldn’t like it, but I was surprised how comfortable it actually was! It felt soft and comfortable, but not so soft that you sink in. My husband was skeptical of my choice at first, but after the first week with the sofa I am pretty sure he fell in love!  One of my favorite features are the down filled back cushions. If you are going for a super soft big sofa you sink right into, this is not it. It’s comfortable and soft yet keeps it modern, sleek structure which I love.

article furniture review sitka sofa
article furniture review sitka sofa

Fabric 8/10

I love the fabric and color, although I know getting a white couch was a risk (more on that later). It is soft and woven and super pretty. However, it does snag easily. There are just a couple snags that are minor and I am probably the only one who notices them, but nonetheless they are they. I think they are both from Bria’s nails when she snuck up on the couch before she wasn’t allowed. At first, cleaning the couch was easy and just required soap and water for spot cleaning. As it got more dirty overtime and spot cleaning no longer worked, it became more of a challenge to keep clean. It is dry clean only so while the cushion covers are removable, I tried steam cleaning it a handful of times over the years. That also worked better in the beginning than it does now. I also think the water from steam cleaning has caused the fabric to stretch and become more weak and thin. In the last 6 months I started noticing slight pilling on the areas your knees rest on the front of the cushions and where two cushions meet. But overall, the fabric is pretty and comfortable.

Quality 10/10

Without a doubt, the quality of the sofa is a 10. When I was couch shopping the second time around I did a TON of research on what makes a quality couch. everything from the kiln dried hardwood to the high resiliency foam and down feathers makes this sofa such a high quality piece. The sofa itself is heavy, which again, is another sign of quality. It feels completely solid and sturdy, and every other Article piece we have is no different. 

article furniture review sitka sofa

Now that we went over the ratings, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the Sitka sofa. 

The Positives:

Down-Filled Cushions

Down sofas are super comfortable and high-quality, so this was definitely a selling point for me. The two back cushions are down (the two seat cushions aren’t), but it does make for a comfy couch. The caveat to down cushions is you do have to fluff them periodically when they smashed. 


Jordon always jokes with me that my favorite color is white (it’s actually purple and blue), since the majority of things in our home are white. So, it was to no surprise that I wanted a white sofa. I know, I know, gasp! They show every little bit of dirt, but every single inspiration photo I had for our living room design had a white sofa, so I had to go with what my heart wanted and try it. The white fabric is really pretty and more of a beige off-white than a true white which I personally like. The texture of the fabric is also nice because it is a linen blend so it has the laid back vibe. 

Cushions Don’t Slide

Our previous couch cushions slid out so bad, that anytime you sat in it, they were immediately sticking out a quarter or more from the couch. It was super annoying, so I was hoping these cushions wouldn’t slide. I’m happy to report, they do not! The bottom cushions stay perfectly in place. 

Not Bulky

When I was looking for a new couch, I did not want bulky. Our living room is small and our old couch was just way too big and bulky for the space. I like the smaller frame and less overly stuffed cushions. 

The Style

Of course, one of the most important things when choosing a couch is the style. I love the sleek, modern sofa and its clean lines. Another thing to consider when looking at couches is if the cushions are removable, so if you did want to try dry cleaning them, you can.


Cheap couches exist out there, but you get what you pay for. Our first couch we purchased was on the lower end price wise and it just felt cheap. The fabric pilled after we had it just a few months. I knew I wanted something that was a quality piece this time around. When you’re looking for a well-made couch, you want to look at what type of wood is used for the frame, the cushion fill type. This couch is made of kiln-dried solid wood which is high quality because that means it won’t bend or break with regular use. A couch that is heavy to lift up on your own, is also a good sign it’s well-made. I can hardly move this couch on my own, and I feel like I’m a pretty strong and athletic.

The Negatives:

Sits Low

It’s not really a big deal to me, but I just wanted to include it so you are aware if you’re looking at getting this couch. This is definitely a modern couch so it sits lower to the ground than most, and may feel odd at first or make it more difficult to get up. One thing to note, the rest of your furniture in the space should sit lower as well in order to be proportionate with your sofa. 

Cushions Need Fluffing

The downside (ha! see what I did there) of down cushions is that you have to fluff them regularly so they keep that puffy full look, otherwise they can start to get squished. I rotate our cushions periodically since we tend to sit in the same spots and I don’t want them to get more worn than other spots. About every week I fluff the back cushions (not the seat cushions) for a few minutes and instantly they look more fluffy and full. It’s a simple fix, it’s just a matter of having to actually fluff the cushions regularly. 

Fabric Snags

The fabric is woven so it can get snagged, especially if you have pets. We haven’t had a big issue with this since our dog isn’t allowed on the couch, but we do have two very small snags on the back cushions. Definitely minor, but something you do have to be aware of. 

Not Overly Cushy

Obviously, you can tell by the sofa design it’s not overly “stuffed” or super cushy. The design is simple and streamlined, so it’s definitely not as big or soft as some other sofas. But, it is still a comfortable couch.

Not Super Easy to Clean (Anymore)

With a white sofa and a dog, I needed it to be easy to clean. On the site, it says dry clean, but I’ve spot cleaned the couch and it’s worked great in the beginning when I needed to treat a dirty paw mark that made its way on the couch. We do drape a blanket over the seat cushions just to keep it cleaner and mitigate any spills or stains, and that has really helped. The arms are what have gotten most dirty over time. Bria rubs against the arms sometimes so they get a little dirty looking. I got this portable steamer cleaner and decided to tackle the larger areas like the arms that just dish soap wouldn’t clean. The steamer worked great and got the arms much cleaner the first couple times. I went over the entire couch with it just to freshen it up, even though just the arms were the areas that actually looked dirty. I’ve used the steamer probably 5 times overall on the couch, most just concentrating on the arms. I will say, when using the steamer you have to be careful of it causing dirty areas to “bleed” if you only concentrate on one area. The water and cleaner can leave a ring around the area you were cleaning. I’ve had this happen when I just went over the arms. I came back a few hours later after it dried and the dirt on the arms were gone, but it caused the dirt to create a ring on the neighboring area I didn’t steam clean. The rings do come out with the steamer again, but it makes it harder to just touch up certain areas. Overall, we are careful not to get it super dirty and while we do eat on it, it’s usually stuff that isn’t too messy. I haven’t spilled any messy food, and we don’t have any lingering stains at all. 

The Verdict:

I would definitely purchase this couch again. It’s perfect for us right now and fits our living room nicely. Anything bigger just wouldn’t be proportionate to the space. The couch is comfortable, looks nice, is well-made and has held up well as we use it every single day multiple times a day. I really like the light white color, but it is high maintenance so I decided to get a slipcover which I’ll share more of below. Article has since come out with 2 other fabric options including a darker grey that are more practical if you like the style of the Sitka.

Our sofa review does not end there...

Custom Sofa Slipcover

The biggest hangup about our sofa was the fabric pilling and it getting dirty and being difficult to clean after a few years of lots of love and wear. I threw around the idea of getting a slipcover because the couch itself is in amazing shape and can last for many more years, I just didn’t want to stress anymore about keeping the white clean, since it got harder and harder with each year. 

comfort works sofa slipcover

I did some research to see what my options were regarding slipcovers and found Comfort Works. They are a family run business based in Australia and are known for making slipcovers for Pottery Barn and Ikea sofas, but they also do custom slipcovers for chairs and sofas and everything in between. I was a little unsure how well the custom slipcover would fit, because I didn’t want it to look baggy or ill-fitting like the standard slipcovers you can buy and drape over. I read lots of rave reviews and knew Comfort Works was the best solution to turn our white sofa into a beautiful piece of furniture without the stress and maintenance to keep it clean!

Fabric Options

Comfort Works has 20+ fabric options to choose from with a variety of colors and materials. They also give you a star rating on the durability and price which is nice so you can see how the different materials compare. Comfort Works even offers free fabric samples so you can test them in person and see what they really look like with the rest of the decor in your room. 

comfort works fabric samples

I ordered a wide array of fabric samples to see them in person, but I was torn on doing a lighter grey or going with more of a darker blue gray cover.

I finally decided on Madison Coal which is a dark grey bluish color in 100% cotton so it’s durable, soft, and shouldn’t snag.

Once you decide on your fabric, you have to send over the measurements. This process is extremely thorough and they request around 20 different measurements you have to measure on your couch to make sure you get the right fit. The Comfort Works team was amazing at making sure they got the exact measurements, and even came back to me after I sent them all to double check  I measured on of them right. Super impressed with how detailed the team was to ensure we get the best fit!

Then, they get to work and sew the custom slipcover.

The shipping was super fast and arrived in about a week! I was so nervous when taking it out of the box because I was scared it wouldn’t fit, but I slipped on the cover in a few minutes and sure enough, it fit like a glove! I couldn’t believe how well it fit and how great it looked! The color is exactly what I hoped for and oh my it is SOFT. 

comfort works madison coal sofa slipcover
comfort works madison coal sofa slipcover
comfort works madison coal sofa slipcover
comfort works madison coal sofa slipcover

I have yet to wash the slipcover yet, but I am blown away with the quality and overall look of the slipcover. I couldn’t be happier! The stitching is so well done and it truly fits so well. Comfort Works did an amazing job!

I’m so glad we decided to get a slipcover because our white fabric was getting dingy and now I don’t have to worry about it and we can simply enjoy our sofa for years to come.

Anything I missed? More questions? Ask away! Hopefully this Article furniture Sitka sofa review with a slipcover was helpful. 

Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

Copy of white sofa review video image.png

Just because bathrooms are small, they can (and should!) still be styled and decorated so they are a reflection of you and your home and make you feel good.

We remodeled our bathroom over 5 years ago, but today I’m sharing some simple decor ideas to turn it from flat and blah to beautiful.

The number one thing you can do to decorate your bathroom is to incorporate color and pattern in one of the following ways:

1. Fun wallpaper or paint color on your vanity or walls

2. Patterned shower curtain

3. Interesting rug

Those 3 things are the main elements to a bathroom design (outside of doing a major remodel where you can choose fun tile). Depending on your love for pattern and color, you can certainly do a combination of all 3 for a really bold look.

For our bathroom, I wanted to go white (surprise, surprise) for a clean, modern look. But to balance the white, I did a deep navy paint color on the upper half of the walls. It grounds the room so it doesn't feel overly white without feeling too dark or heavy. To bring in some pattern so it doesn’t feel flat, I added a simple stripe shower curtain in the color scheme I was going for, and then a simple piece of art above the toilet pulls it all together. A teal rug repeats the same color from the shower curtain and adds enough color so the floors aren't all white.

My last little tips is always add a plant (faux or fake) or some kind of greenery. This is always my suggestion no matter the room because it adds a bit of color and texture and finishes it off.

For a complete look at our bathroom, watch the IGTV video below!

White Article Sofa 3 Years Later: A Real Review

white sofa review in living room

Since I get tons of emails, Instagram comments and DMs asking about our white Article sofa, I figured it was time to do a complete review and share how it' has held up over the years, how we clean it, and if we’d recommend it or not.

Not only did we buy a white sofa with a dog in the house, but we got the sofa online without having sat in it or seen it in-person. Crazy, right?!

I love Article and have leather chairs and a few other pieces them them, so I trusted their quality. But having a white sofa and keeping it clean, is another story. While I do not regret my decision for getting a white couch for our living room, I definitely think the practical route to go is a slipcover. It makes cleaning much easier because you can just throw it in the wash.

Watch the video below for my real thoughts on our couch and see up-close what it looks like now 3 years later after lots of use.

Modern Neutral Living Room Reveal

mid-century modern chic grey living room

My client came to me wanting help decorating her living room. Between her career and two young boys, she didn’t have the time or energy to spend decorating her home. Her family had lived there for 3 years, but she had to hang anything on the walls, their TV stand was 10 years old from college and their space didn’t reflect their style or personality at all and it was time to change that.

I worked with my client to find her style and get clear on what it was she liked. She described her style as modern, neutral, and airy and wanted her home to feel cozy and comfortable.

We kept her leather chair and couch, but everything else we brought in new to freshen up the space.

We lightened up the wall color so it felt brighter and added a couple accent chairs for additional seating. We incorporated black accents, some brass, and a patterned rug to add some interest. A fun piece of art above the mantle added a pop of color, and a black and white gallery wall in the entryway was the perfect way to include family photos.

Watch the video below to see all the before and after photos of the transformation.

Studio McGee Style Breakdown: Classic Modern Rustic

Chances are you’ve stumbled across one of Studio McGee’s gorgeous designs while scrolling Pinterest or Instagram. Shae, the owner and lead designer, is so talented and everything she touches is gold. She is definitely one of my favorite designers.

Today, I thought it’d be fun to do a new kind of a blog post that I have never done before. I will be analyzing a project designed by Studio McGee and break down the decorating style that she designed with. Essentially, I will be sharing the style profile of the client that she designed the project for!

Over the last few years, through my own experience decorating our home and in helping other women decorate their homes, I’ve seen just how important it is to actually know your decorating style.

And you guys seem to have questions around it as well because I often get emails saying you are unsure of your style or you don’t know how to incorporate a little color in your home which is totally normal. It’s scary making those big decisions! So, I’ve made it my mission to help you find your style and make sense of the whole decorating thing because it’s truly not as complicated as it needs to be!

It’s completely normal if you aren’t clear on what your style is or how to achieve a certain look in your home. In fact, most people never truly figure out what their style is and that’s why they end up feeling “blah” about their home and not really satisfied. If you don’t know your style first, it’s really hard to pick out a couch or a rug, a paint color etc. because you don’t have a set style guide or anything to lead you in the right direction.

Not sure what your style is and how to decorate your home? Click here to see how we can work together to uncover your signature decorating style.

Studio McGee Style Breakdown: Classic Modern Rustic

Let’s look at the Red Ledges Project designed by Studio McGee. All photos below are from this project.

This is a beautiful home in the mountains of Utah, so there is a touch of rustic incorporated throughout the home to stay true to its nature and location.

First room up in the home is the entryway.

When you look at the entryway the first things you see are the large dark metal doors in the back that lead to the office, the rustic cowhide rug, and dramatic traditional meets modern chandelier.

These 3 pieces also are the largest items in the room that make them really stand out. Obviously, the bigger the item the more of a statement it makes.

Some words I would use to describe the entryway are grand, modern with a rustic element, and neutral. I feel a sense of calmness when I look at it. Everything is very light and airy and except for the black doors that are the only real big contrast in the space, but it’s not too overbearing.

red ledges entryway.jpeg

Moving on to the living room, you’ll see the same light colored walls and warm oak hardwood floors as the entryway. You can certainly feel the light, airy vibe continuing. i can just picture myself plopped down on the sofa with a good book, which is exactly what the client was going for.

In looking at the living room details, I notice the wooden beams incorporate the same rustic wood and even the same triangle design as the coffee table legs. Repeating the same design creates cohesiveness and ties the space together so it all flows.

To keep the space still feeling modern, there’s a modern style black lamp in the back of the living room and the wicker chairs have a modern feel with thin black legs. The room is all neutral except for the pillows and art which add some pops of blues, creamy light terra cotta, and greens along with subtle patterns so it’s the perfect balance of neutral without being completely boring. It just takes a few pillows and some art to liven up a neutral space. Don’t feel like you have to add tons of color if you prefer neutrals. Just a few items in smaller doses go a long ways. The rug ties everything together with it’s muted color and pattern so it doesn’t feel too jarring and blends in perfectly. You can imagine a dark navy rug instead would make the living room feel too heavy if a light, airy home is your goal.

red ledges living room.jpg
red ledges living room 2.jpeg

Can you pick out the rustic elements in the kitchen below? I spot them in the island base with rustic wood cabinets and of course the range hood. The rest of the cabinets are a shade of white to again, keep the overall space light and airy, but contrasted with black countertops.

red ledges kitchen.jpeg
red ledges dining room.jpg

Another rustic element is the large farmhouse style table in the dining room. They paired it with black modern chairs so it feels current and fits in with the rest of the modern touches.

You should definitely notice the recurring elements I mentioned again and again throughout the home. I think I said modern and rustic at least 10 times and light and airy was definitely a common thread which they nailed.

Studio McGee did a great job combining modern elements with rustic so it never felt too farmhousey or too stark and modern, it was a good combination of bot. Overall the color palette throughout the home included the same neutral hues: lots of greys, beiges, black and white with a few pops of blues and light terracotta reds. Patterns were minimal and subtle with the rug and throw pillows.

Creating the Style Guide

Now that I analyzed the entire Red Ledges Project designed by Studio McGee, let’s break down the style of the homeowner.

The way I do this is my taking alllllll the elements I just combed through while studying each room, and putting them together to create a personalized style guide.

Once you have this style guide, you can pick out a sofa, or rug, or paint colors, and even decor for your shelf because you have something to work off of that will help you make the best decisions.

Here’s the style guide I created below for this project. It includes the color palette, patterns, materials, wood finish, and other accents that all combine to create their signature decorating style. As you can see, these are all the elements that I pointed out when I analyzed each room. During the design process, Studio McGee intentionally chose pieces with these elements to make the home flow from room to room and feel cohesive.

red ledges living room with circles.jpg

In the picture above with all the colored circles, you can see where all the style guide elements live in that particular living room. I used different colored circles to identify all the different elements so you can visually see it.

  • The coral circles are the thin, black metal lines element.

  • The pink circle is the subtle geometric print of the rug.

  • The green circles are the leather accents

  • The dark blue circles are the wicker elements

  • And the red circles are the striped patterns on the pillows.

Hopefully you can see how each room in the house has the same elements as the style guide I created. That’s exactly how it should be and what makes a room feel finished and put-together and cohesive!

What did you think, was this blog post helpful? Was it interesting to see the style guide with all the different elements?

Did you know this is a sampling of what you get when we work together in a personality style session? Yep! We do a deep dive of your style using Pinterest and a fun get-to-know-you questionnaire and then I create a style  guide like this with all of your elements that make your own unique signature decorating style. You’ll even get a Pinterest board full of pins and ideas that are custom to YOU. For more info on how you can get your very own style guide, click here.

Affordable, Neutral Farmhouse Rugs


You guys! I found the place to get beautiful and affordable farmhouse rugs. Which you know if you’ve shopped for rugs recently, they are not cheap. My love for rugs runs deep. I’ve done lots of research on them looking for the best quality, sources, and prices and have tried many different ones out, so it only makes sense to share what I’ve learned with you :)

Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience, and any sales made I will earn a small commission – at no extra cost for you!

A good rug totally finishes the room and ties everything together. It’ll instantly make your room feel cozier, cohesive, and welcoming - all things we want in our home, right? That’s why I love rugs so much and have so many, because every room needs a nice rug!

*How well do you know your home decor style? Take the quiz and find out your style results!

Well, rugs can be expensive (though I’ve found some incredibly affordable options for you) so the decision is often confusing and downright overwhelming. I mean, Boutique Rugs has 45+ pages alone of best sellers. Not everyone is crazy and enjoys looking through hundreds of rugs like me :) If you’d like some help picking out a rug for your home, or if you have one in mind but not sure it’s right, check out my design services and see how we can work together.


Our living room rug (above) is thick and durable but yet so comfortable. We actually lay on the floor in our living room quite often and play with our dog Bria (we have swapped out the coffee table for a pouf) and I am 100% confident she wouldn’t enjoy it as much if she was slipping around on wood floors and we probably wouldn’t lay on the ground or play with her there if we did not have a nice comfortable rug. It really makes our living room that much more enjoyable and cozy not to mention useful.

If you’re looking for a nice neutral farmhouse rug that is affordable, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from Boutique Rugs. They have quickly become my top source for rugs because the prices are amazing and they have a huge selection. Bonus: they offer free shipping and run sales all the time. These rugs are all $200 for the 8x10’ with the sale, which is such a steal!

Affordable, Neutral Farmhouse Rugs

This rug is so versatile it can work in many different rooms and styles, which explains why it’s rated 4.9 stars and has over 100 reviews! Not only is it great for farmhouse styles and softening the rustic wood accents, but it can work in a more traditional space and add some warmth to a modern design. Definitely can’t go wrong with this one - highly recommend!

Vintage farmhouse area rug

This beautiful rug is soft and comfortable and although it’s light colored, it has a darker pattern that helps camouflage any wear and tear, which we all need with kids and pets in the house. Or just a messy husband ;) I love the subtle blues and greys woven throughout.

Medalion farmhouse area rug

I love the more traditional style of this rug so if you have a transitional style that’s a mix of modern and traditional, this is a great option for you.

Traditional farmhouse area rug

This rug gives any space a little modern edge. Plus, there are lots of photos in the reviews so you can get ideas on how it looks in other people’s homes! I love looking at photo reviews because it helps to see the rug in a real space to get a better feel for color and pattern scale.

Black an white modern farmhouse rug

This worn out distressed look is popular and I am here for it. I’m obsessed! This looks very similar to the rug Design Loves Detail has in her living room.

Light blue farmhouse area rug

The tassels on the end of this rug give it a cute little boho vibe. It looks so cozy and comfortable!

Tassel farmhouse area rug

Article Leather Chair Furniture Review


I’ve been anxiously awaiting sharing this post since I first mentioned on Instagram we were finally getting some leather chairs! It’s been a long time coming and it feels like our living room has upgraded and become a true adult space now!

If you aren’t familiar with the whole story, let me back up for a second.

About 3 years ago we completely refreshed our living room. We added built-ins, got a new couch, rug, light fixture, flooring. The space got a complete overhaul because before it just did not reflect my style (which I had decorated prior to finding my decorating style) and it didn’t make me happy.

Well, with that refresh, I knew we eventually wanted to get leather chairs for some additional seating, but we just never got around to finding chairs I liked. They’re a big investment and I went back and forth on what I wanted, so I didn’t want to rush into a decision without being sure. So in the meantime, I actually stumbled across a super cute chair while in Goodwill for $30 that worked for our living room so we at least had one extra seat besides the couch until we found some new chairs.

Here we are 3 years later, and we finally got leather chairs! Another reminder that decorating is a process and takes TIME.

One of my favorite furniture companies, Article, wanted to partner on leather chairs. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I’m a huge fan of Article (we have their sofa, floor lamp, and a cozy throw and sheepskin) and everything is such high quality and beautiful, so I knew the leather chairs would be no different.

I’m doing a full review on the leather chairs and how I chose which chairs to get. To be completely candid, the chairs were gifted to me by Article, but I’m sharing my full, honest opinion on them and what I truly think.


How I Decided Which Leather Chairs

This took some time and I even questioned my choices a couple times, to the point where the chair I was set on for a few a month or two, I ultimately ended up changing my mind.

Here’s what my process kind of looks like when I’m deciding on a piece of furniture for our home. Whenever I’m looking to get something new for our home, I always go back to my Dream Home Pinterest board to remind myself of the elements and styles of furniture I like. It’s my inspiration and how I pull ideas that align with my style and how I want my home to look and feel. Once I have some inspiration and an idea of what I’m looking for, I stalk the Internet, and in this case, Article. I can’t tell you how many times I looked at their leather chairs, analyzed them, read reviews, tried to find pictures of the chairs IRL on Instagram…for weeks. Let’s just say I am thorough in my research ha.

As I was looking at every leather chair option, I was looking obviously at the color and style, but also at the size of the chairs. Our living room is quite small and narrow, so we do not have a ton of room so I didn’t want a chair that would feel proportionately off scale with the rest of the furniture in our room.

I thought I had it narrowed down to this gorgeous leather chair. It fit with the style I see in many of my pins on my Dream Home board its small scale would fit nicely in our living room. It seemed perfect. But the more I envisioned us using the chairs, the more I felt like we needed something “cozier” and larger to snuggle up in. This chair with the wood arm rests just didn’t feel like it would be a chair you want to lounge in and read a book, you know?

The other thing is I want to be able to use the leather chairs in our future home. We’ve been in this house for 5 years now, so we are looking at other houses in the next year with a little more space, so I want chairs to be useful in our next house. While that gets tricky since you never know the space you’ll have in a future home, I do know that in our next living room I would love to have a larger sofa with a chaise and leather chairs. And when I envisioned the leather chairs, I pictured something cozy that people want to sit in, and I just wasn’t getting that vibe with the Denman chair.

So, back to the drawing board I went. I looked at allllll the leather chairs again, and again and again. Ultimately, I decided on the Burrard leather chair in Bella Tan. It checked all the boxes. I loved the roomy, boxy style that felt nice for curling up, I loved that the leather was slightly darker than most of Article’s other leather chairs (I didn’t want anything too “orange-y” looking), and the size was large enough to be comfortable while the modern low-profile style felt propionate to our couch.


Article Burrard Chair Review

When the chairs arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the leather looked. It’s high quality with a slight variation to it, but the color is very true to color on site. I was slightly nervous about how large the chair would feel and that it would take up so much space in our living room with two chairs, but they actually fit great and we have more room than I was visualizing! I don’t feel like they’re oversized or anything for our room, they fit perfect.

It’s no surprise the chairs are super well-made with high quality Italian-tanned leather and down feather back cushions. It feels solid, sturdy and durable. The leather doesn’t feel delicate at all and should hold up nicely. The seat cushions aren’t super soft, but it’s still completely comfortable, just don’t expect something super plush. My one complaint is that the leather doesn’t go around all the way on the backside of the cushions. You can see on both cushions the backs are mostly covered in a black fabric, so if something were to happen to the front side of the leather, you can’t flip the cushions. While I’ve been told by Article that this is an intentional design decision both to keep the cushion in place (a leather on leather situation would probably mean more slipping of the cushion) as well as to allow proper aeration so that the pillow can be smushed during seating and then fluff back up easily.


I wanted to use the chairs for a bit before I wrote a review so I could get a good feel for them. We’ve had them about 4 weeks now and have definitely put them to use, though I can’t speak to the durability directly just yet. So far, we love the chairs and they’ve been a great addition to our living room. It’s so nice to have some extra seats so both Jordon and I aren’t always sharing the couch. I find myself choosing the chair over the couch sometimes just because I love curling up in it and working on my computer or watching some March Madness basketball. I often find Jordon sitting in one of the chairs when he gets home in the morning from his 24 hour shift while he watches the morning news. Which is saying something if he likes them! His favorite part he says is that they are really wide, making them comfy.

As far as cleaning the chairs, I haven’t done anything yet, but the tag on the chair said wipe clean with a damp cloth. We’re careful to cut Bria’s nails a little shorter so she doesn’t scrape the leather, but so far so good!


I love modern furniture and my style reflects that, but I was a little nervous how the super mid-century modern style chairs would look in our living room but I LOVE them. I’m still figuring out our coffee table situation, though. In the pictures you see the round wood coffee table that I originally ordered to replace the larger rectangle table we had before the chairs. We needed something smaller and round, and this one was my favorite I found. However, after having it in our home with the chairs and based on how we use the space, I think an ottoman or 2 poufs might work better. The table just seems a little in the way since we do lay on the ground and play with Bria (she loves when we chase her lol), so we’re always pushing it off to the side. I haven’t gotten anything different yet, so stay tuned on Insta for updates!

Overall, we are so happy with the chairs and feel the Burrard leather chairs were the perfect decision! I can’t recommend Article enough for their quality yet beautiful furniture and home decor, plus their customer service is amazing, they offer a 30 day return policy, and they offer free complimentary swatches to test their fabrics, which is important to note since you can’t see them in-person beforehand.

I created an IGTV video on the chairs as well if you want to see them up-close “in person” to get a better look at the quality of the leather.

What Do Interior Designers Do?

have you considered hiring an interior decorator or designer for a project in your home? Here's the low down on what interior designers really do and how they help you find your style, give decorating ideas, and most of all, help you decorate your home

You see the beautiful homes on Instagram and Pinterest we design and the projects we dream up in our own homes. From the outside, it looks like a blast. Who wouldn’t wan to decorate shelves and arrange pillows all day amiright?

While it IS fun, it’s definitely not all fun and games. There’s a lot of work that goes into designing a beautiful room, so I thought I’d pull back the curtain a bit and share what we do and how it’s not just about fluffing pillows. Since I’m an online interior e-designer, I’m focusing on what it is exactly I do and how I help clients create beautiful rooms in their home.

What do interior designers really do?

Interior design is the art and science of creating a functional, beautiful space that meets clients’ needs and includes the plans, research, and management of the project. It’s a combination of juggling the needs and wants of a client so their home works for their lifestyle while crating an aesthetically pleasing and inspiring place to hang out with family and friends.

Interior design involves so much more than just a pretty house. It’s about bringing family and friends together and creating a welcoming environment you want to hang out in. Your home is the backdrop of your memories. It’s where all the everyday sweet moments happen so it’s a super personal thing and should be a place you truly enjoy.

You know the saying, if you look good, you feel good? I whole heartedly believe there’s something to it. If you have the confidence that comes from within because you are proud of the way your home looks, (and you aren’t constantly annoyed with all your blank walls and out-dated, uncomfortable furniture), it triggers other areas of your life as well and you do good, and the world can use more good people.

Think about it for a minute. Imagine what kind of mood you’re in when you leave your house as you’re grumbling because your closet is a disaster because you don’t have an organization system, you stubbed your toe on the kitchen table leg that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for a few years now, and you see the chipping paint in the entryway as you rush out the door. Doesn’t sound like a great start to your day.

Then, imagine what kind of mood you’re in when you can easily see everything in closet and find something to wear, you have a soft faux fur rug that feels good on your feet when you wake up, and the entryway has a console table that keeps you organized so you can grab your keys and sunglasses and head out the door. Completely different right? That’s the power of a well-designed beautiful space.

Now, I’m not saying you won’t ever have a bad morning again, but you get the idea that an inspiring, happy place that function, generally creates inspiring, happy people.

It’s the same thing that happens when you walk into an Anthroplogie store. Everything from the amazing signature candle scent that fills the air, to the beautifully styled shelves with loads of pretty blouses and housewares. All the little details, perfectly curated items, and smell create a whole experience and makes you think, I want to live this beautiful life. They have created an entire vibe and personality around their store experience and the goal comes down to one thing, inspiring you.

That’s how your home should make you feel.

I believe you should feel inspired every time you walk in your home, so that is my goal as a designer.

The Design Process

The first step when working with an interior designer is the consultation meeting. It’s a chat where we can get clear on the client’s needs and goals. What are you hoping to accomplish and what specific needs or requests do you have for the space? A designer works to understand the client’s struggles both functionally and aesthetically, so they can identify solutions to solve them.

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During the consultation, the designer also gathers room measurements, budget, and other useful information from the client and will help define their style. The client should have an idea of what they like or have a Pinterest board they can show for visuals, but the designer can help the client hone in on their style and give some guidelines.

From here, the designer takes the information and they develop a design plan. The plan addresses functional aspects of the space so it flows and meets the client’s needs, but you’ll also get a customized, beautiful design that fits within your style.

The design plan includes everything from floor plan, to space planning, to the color palette and lighting, window treatments, furniture, accessories, and any hard finishes if you are doing a remodel, complete with design boards, renderings and floor plan drawings. This is where the art and science come into play. Of course designers know what looks good and how to create a cohesive design, but they must also take into account the measurements and create a floor plan that fits and find furniture that is the right scale and size.

One of the trickiest things about design if you aren’t a professional is getting the scale right. The size and scale of any furniture is different, and not just any sofa will work with any coffee table. You wouldn’t pair a large sectional with a small coffee table. The coffee table will look even smaller next to the large sofa. This takes practice and skill to get right but will make a big difference in creating flow and cohesiveness in your room.

Another example of a design challenge I see often is hanging artwork too high or the piece being too small for the space. This goes back to scale and making sure you have a proper sized piece of art to hang above the sofa, or wherever it’s getting installed.

The designer thinks about every detail in your home and ensures everything is cohesive and beautiful. The only thing the client has to do is approve the overall designs - that’s it!

The Benefits of Working with an interior Designer

The major benefit of working with an interior designer, obviously, is their expertise of creating a beautiful, unique and cohesive room. You will have a room that you’ll love and want to show off because it looks amazing, and most importantly, it functions with your everyday needs and is a place that you can enjoy with family and friends. No more wondering what furniture to get, or what color to paint, or staring at blank walls because you can’t decide what to hang.

Designing a space takes time. It’s involved and requires a lot of research, planning and coordination. If you don’t have hours to spend on a decorating a room, it will likely go unfinished for months. Designers have time they can dedicate to you and create a beautiful space. But because they do this for a living, they are much more efficient with their time and have lots of ideas to offer.

The biggest time suck if you are decorating a room yourself is sourcing all the pieces. It’s easy to spend HOURS searching for the perfect sofa and then you’ll question whether it goes with everything else in your room. Designers source furniture and decor all the time so they know many great options out there (ones you may not have heard of before!) and can often get better deals than a regular consumer. Can you imagine not spending hours looking for furniture and getting all that time back in your life, while a designer sources the best furniture options for you?

Interior designers can often feel intimidating or you might worry you won’t like the look they create at the end. As a designer, I am here to help you and just want to create the best space for you and your family! I don't get all technical and throw out all kinds of design jargon. It’s just about you and how we can create the room of your dreams.

Hopefully that answers your questions about what interior designers really do. Have a question on something I missed? Ask away in the comments!

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4 Living Room Updates That Have the Biggest Impact

4 living room updates that make the biggest impact in your home. Need ideas how you can spruce up your living room and give it life on a budget? Here are 4 ideas that will instantly update your home, you won't believe the before and after. From wall colors, to lighting, and throw pillows, your living will look like a completely new space.

Let’s say you want to update your living room. It’s feeling a little drab and boring, doesn’t really reflect your style, and it certainly doesn’t feel like the inspiring, creative space you envisioned. It’s a little basic and and needs something to make it look cohesive it feel “finished”. You have a nice neutral sofa. A cute wood coffee table, but have no clue what to add for accessories and other finishing touches. There are a million and one things you can do to update your room and give it some life, but you have a budget to stick to and want to update a few things without doing a complete makeover or buying all new furniture.

Toady, I’m breaking down what pieces to invest in to make the biggest impact if you’re looking to update your home.

4 Living Room Updates That Have the Biggest Impact


The first place I always start if you’re looking to update your home or give it a new look, no matter which room, is paint. One, because it’s super affordable and fairly easy to execute. Two, because paint is a key player in the overall vibe of your home. The color on your walls instantly ignites the feeling you get when you walk in a room. Choose the wrong color and it affects the vibe you wanted and brings down the rest of your room.

I often use the example of a lush spa. When you walk into a spa for a nice relaxing hour to yourself, you don’t want to walk in and be greeted with bright red walls, vibrant yellow wallpaper, and blaring loud Beyoncé playing through the speakers. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Beyoncé, but not when I’m treating myself to a massage (which never happens BTW). The red walls and bright yellow set the wrong tone and overall vibe you want for a relaxing moment.

Now, your situation might not be that dramatic, but your paint color MATTERS. If you want a warm, welcoming home, dark grey might not be your first choice for wall color. So, first and foremost, before you visit your local paint store, do a little self assessment and try to understand how you want your home to feel. This is something I always ask my clients at the beginning of our process because the answer dictates alllll the other design decisions that follow so it’s important to dig deep and get it right.

So, if you aren’t feeling the current color on the walls in your home or it’s just not the vibe you’re going for, paint is the first thing you’ll want to change. Read this post on how to choose paint colors for your home for some helpful tips.


Lighting is another option that can really change a room’s look with a few updated light fixtures. Bonus, you can swap out lighting in an hour or less!

Lighting is one of my favorite investments that make a big impact. Good lighting makes a room feel warm and welcoming. When you walk into a living room that’s well lit with cozy lighting, it really sets the tone and makes you want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine in hand and watch the Real Housewives.

Pay attention to the lighting in your favorite restaurant next time you visit and take note how it sets the mood. If they just used a giant overhead light the mood wouldn’t feel nearly the same. You can achieve the same welcoming feeling in your living room with a mix of ambient lighting and lamps. I share in detail how to pick the right light fixtures here.

Another reason I love investing in lighting for a big impact is because lighting can really make a statement. An otherwise minimal or neutral room can really pack a punch with a fun chandelier.

For your living room, I would first add one or two table or floor lamps if you don’t have any yet. Then, you can update your overhead lighting (if you have it) with a nice flush mount or pendant light to elevate your room and give it some polish.


Next up on the list are throw pillows! Throw pillows are such an easy and affordable way to instantly change the look in your living room. I tend to keep finishes pretty neutral and utilize throw pillows and other accessories to incorporate color. That way when you want to change the look (seasonally or whenever you get the urge!), you can easily swap out pillows for different colors and patterns and completely update your space. Try adding a few throw pillows in a variety of colors and patterns (that still coordinate) to punch up your living room. It will make such a difference! If you’re wanting more color, go for bold colorful pillows. Check out my favorite sources for affordable pillows here.


Rugs are another piece that anchors your living room and pulls everything together so it feels cohesive. I’m a proponent of every room having a rug, especially your living room. Because rugs are typically a large part of the design, choose your rug wisely. Pattered rugs can make a room feel lively and busy. Colorful rugs can feel energetic. A neutral or muted rug can make your living room feel warm and relaxing. Go back to the beginning of the post and how you decided you want your living room to feel and use that as your guide when choosing a rug.

I hope this gives you ideas how you can update your living room and breathe new life into your space.

How to Decorate a Cozy Mid-Century Modern Living Room - Reader Submission

Click to read how I created a design plan to transform one of my reader's grey toned living room into a cozy mid-century modern retreat. I cover everything about how to find ideas, decide on a layout, and more!

I always like seeing before and afters and real-life examples of blank rooms that are designed from scratch, so I thought it’d be fun today to show a reader’s home and how my e-design decorating process works to bring your ideas and dreams to life.

Thank you, Anna, who graciously sent photos of her home and was willing to share them with you on the Internet :)

She, her husband, and 3 young kids under 5 are renovating their home. So far, they’ve demoed their kitchen and took down the wall separating the kitchen from the living room so now it’s all open concept with a vaulted ceiling.  They are an active family with a ton going on, so they need durable, practical furniture and decor.

However, the open concept has made it difficult for Anna to know where to place furniture and how to create a floor plan that works for them along with the challenge of knowing what furniture to get. With one big room, the rooms all flow together so the furniture and decor need to work together and compliment each other so it feels like a cohesive space. Otherwise, your home will quickly turn into a hodgepodge of furniture that do not work well together and each room will feel disjointed, like it’s own individual space.

Anna also came to me wanting advice on lighting. Right now, her husband hates the “little balls” hanging down from the ceiling. They took down a couple of the ball light fixtures in the front entrance, but now they’re left with just the light bulbs and she is overwhelmed with picking out new lighting since she is unsure what size or style would work in the space.

Here is what Anna’s home looks like right now in the midst of their kitchen renovation. It’s a beautiful open blank slake with lots of natural night (you know that’s my favorite). I can totally relate to how she’s feeling as she is anxious to organize and furnish their living room so they can have some place to relax as a family with all that’s going on.

living room before
living room before 2
dining room before

Anna put in new wood-like floors in a stone grey color, they painted the kitchen cabinets dark grey, walls are white, and the wood railings and trim are dark wood. When it comes to her style, Anna doesn’t just like one thing or one particular style, but she loves all things shiny, metal, sparkly, fur and an overall light, airy and uncluttered space.

Here is a photo she sent as inspiration, so you can definitely see her love for white and airy. Definitely something we can achieve in her home!

inspiration boho living room

The Design Plan

As I began brainstorming ideas, the first thing I noticed when looking at photos of Anna’s home and the inspiration photos, is the amount of warm tones in the inspiration photo compared to her home. Anna has lots of grey in her home, from the kitchen cabinets to the accent chairs and the cool grey-tone floors. But the inspiration photo uses lots of warm tones like the warm wood floors, cream sofa, and brown leather accents.

In order to achieve a similar look as the inspo photo, we really want to make sure the selected furniture and accessories incorporate lots of texture and warmth along with warm toned colors that work with grey.

For Anna’s living room and dining room design plan, we’re tackling:

  • Layout

  • Lighting

  • Color palette

  • Furniture

  • Accessories

This is the design board rendering I created for Anna’s dining and living room. It really only takes a few key pieces to turn a space into a really fun, welcoming place you are excited to hang out in. It still reflects the open and airy vibe Anna was going for, while selecting pieces that tie in nicely with the grey floors ad dark wood accents.

Let’s jump into my thought process on my design selections and how I chose furniture and decor!

Click to read how I created a design plan to transform one of my reader's grey toned living room into a cozy mid-century modern retreat. I cover everything about how to find ideas, decide on a layout, and more!

Shop the Look:

seagrass rug, printed rug, sectional, gold side table, coffee table, faux fur pillows, tufted pillow, colorful pillow, media center

Floor Plan

First, let’s talk layout and developing a floor plan. The space needs to function as both a living room and dining room, so it’s important to define the two spaces. It’s easy for an open concept space to feel like just one oversized room, but it’s much harder to furnish a huge area and it functions better when there are smaller defined conversation areas. Because the rooms are connected, they need to play off each other so it feels cohesive and international, and not like a disruption when you go from the dining area to living area.

The couch is a good physical divider from the dining room and living room. I’d leave the dining table where Anna currently has it, and position the TV along the wall near the entrance, parallel to the couch. This layout breaks up the room into two conversation areas while still allowing for traffic flow.


Anna was starting from scratch as she furnished her living room and was in the market for a new durable couch that can withstand 3 busy, young kids. A sectional is a great option not only because of the layout of her living room, but it also offers lots of seating for their family. As far as durability, leather is your best friend. I chose a large brown leather sectional because it’s big enough for family movie night and can easily be wiped clean and will last for years.

Then for a coffee table, I went with a round shape and open bottom so it doesn’t feel heavy and boxy since we want to keep a light and open feeling. The TV will sit along the wall opposite the couch, so I chose a dark wood media center that repeats the dark brown color of the couch and distributes it evenly throughout the room so it feels balanced.

Color Palette

There are a whole lot of cool greys going on right now in Anna’s home, but if you look at her inspiration picture, there are lots of warm colors. She wants the light and airy vibe so her white walls work, but we need to bring in some warmth using accessories so it feels warm and inviting, especially during the winter months when it’s freezing outside. The trick to adding warmth when sticking to a fairly neutral color palette is through texture. Lots of layers with things like pillows and even rugs with a variety of textures go a long way to add some interest and dimension.


Lighting is overwhelming because it can be expensive and there are typically lots of light fixtures needed, especially in large open concept spaces. I wrote an entire blog post about how to pick the right light fixture size and style for your home. In an open concept area, you want lighting to flow and feel carefully selected, rather than totally mis-matched from the dining room to the living room. This was one of the topics that Anna struggled with most. Her husband disliked the hanging “balls” from the ceiling in the kitchen, but she was unsure what light fixture to get as replacement. In open concept spaces, I usually suggest recessed lighting and a combination of overhead lighting such as a chandelier or pendant and accent lights like a floor lamp. Recessed lights are commonly used in open concepts because they add light without requiring lots of pendants. All the hanging ball fixtures feel like overkill in the kitchen. I’d recommend Anna replace the hanging balls with recessed can lights in the kitchen, and then get a new chandelier to hang above the dining room table that fits her style a little better, an then use an arched lamp as accent lighting in the living area.


The key here is lots of plants! Plants fill space and bring life and organic texture into the space, which is exactly what we need. I added a fiddle leaf fig tree next to the media center and a smaller plant to sit on the other side. Since layers are essential for a warm, initing space, I used faux fur pillows, a textured tassel pillow, a fur throw and layered 2 rugs. Anna has a pretty vintage style rug with a beige-y undertone already that would work great. I paired that with a natural seagrass rug and it instantly warms up the space without competing with the grey floors. With the TV sitting next to several windows, window treatments are a must to prevent glare and to also provide some privacy. I added floor to ceiling drapes in white on all the living room windows to stick with the light and airy vibe. The final layer of accessories I incorporated are things like vases, trays, and other objects. Anna loves all things sparkly and shiny, so I used brass metal accents to play it up and give the space a little something special.

Hopefully you liked this example of how to decorate a mid-century modern living room and turn it into a cozy, airy retreat!

What do you think of the before and after? What’s your biggest struggle with decorating your home right now?

Click to read how I created a design plan to transform one of my reader's grey toned living room into a cozy mid-century modern retreat. I cover everything about how to find ideas, decide on a layout, and more!

3 Major Differences Between E-Design and Traditional Full-Service Design

3 differences between online interior e-design and traditional full-service design. have you ever wondered about online interior design services? I'm sharing the 3 major differences and how you can know which option is best for you to help you decorate your home.

Online interior design, or e-design, is a newish concept in the design world. For years, interior design was always super expensive and for full-service projects that were starting from complete scratch. It wasn’t very attainable and certainly not for your average family. Traditional full-service interior design refers to the white-glove experience where you don’t have to lift a finger while the designer and team handles everything from room measurements, sources and plans out all the new pieces for the room, using finding really unique custom pieces that give your home that “wow, I’ve never seen anything like it before” factor.

When the Internet became more prevalent, e-design became a thing, and I’m so glad it did! It made e-design available to the masses and an attainable service that more people can take advantage of. I believe everyone’s home should be a place where you feel inspired and excited to take on life. After all, it’s the foreground for your families memories. I think if you’re going to spend the time and money decorating your home, you might as well do it right.

E-design meant anyone can get help decorating and create a home you love and are truly excited about because it’s all done online. You don’t have to live near your favorite designer, and it doesn’t mean you have to have an absurd budget either. So if you’re a creative who appreciates good design and aesthetics and you want a home that inspires you, but you just need some help bringing that vision that life, e-design might be a good fit for you!

3 Major Differences Between E-Design and Traditional Full-Service Design

Full-Service Design

Full-service interior design includes everything in the design process from start to finish. You work with a local designer to decorate your home, but since it’s in-person and a much longer timeline and usually custom pieces, the cost is higher. It’s the white glove service where the client doesn’t have to lift a finger or execute anything. The designer arrives at your home to take all the room measurements, comes up with design boards for inspiration to propose to the client, creates the floor plan with space planning and lighting plans and more. Each and every new piece is sourced by the designer, usually selecting unique and one-of-a kind pieces to give your home a custom look no one else has. Because of the unique and custom pieces that are made to order, the lead time is much longer, often weeks to months before a single piece arrives. It’s the nature of the business when working with full-service projects or when working with renovations.

During the course of the design project, there are several in-person design meetings where the designer will share progress and get the client’s approval on items. Since it’s a white glove approach, the client doesn’t want much involvement with the process and wants to just rely on the designer. Once the designs are approved, the designer then orders the items and has them shipped and installs every piece in your home for you, coordinating painters, electricians, etc.

Full-service is a great option for you if you don’t want to be involved in the design process at all and don’t want to deal with ordering furniture and decor yourself, you’d rather leave that to the designer. If you don’t enjoy decorating but want a beautifully decorated home, full-service may be a good option for you.


E-design services still include the same deliverables as full-service design such as an inspiration board, design board with 3D renderings, and a floor plan, but the process is different. First off, you are still working with a professional designer and have their guidance as they work with you to create the overall design concept, but everything is done online through email or video calls. The designer will source items for your home just as a full-service designer would, but it will be retail items and not super custom pieces. This means the timeline is quicker because most retail items are in stock and ready to ship right away. The major plus to e-design is there isn’t a need to meet in person, which means you can work with an e-designer no matter your location. So if you have a designer you love following on Instagram and she offers e-design services, but you live on the other side of the US, you can still work with her!

Second, the e-design process is usually much faster than full-service and often takes just a few weeks. My design package for a single room is structured as a 2-week timeline. If you want fast results that aren’t drug out for months, e-design is definitely the way to go!

The third major difference between full-service design and e-design is installation. Since the designer works virtually with you, the client orders the furniture and decor online and installs the new items in their home. As long as you like ordering online, this isn’t a big deal to e-design clients!

E-design is very much a collaboration between the client and I. I encourage the client’s feedback and want to know what ideas they have in mind, if they have specific pieces they want incorporated, etc. If you want to bring ideas for a rug you saw and love or a sofa you think you want, that’s great and I will definitely work with that!

E-design is a great option for you if you know what you like but just need some help knowing what looks good and pulling it all together in your home so it looks cohesive. You still want to be involved with the process and order the items online yourself, but you need the guidance of a professional to make final decisions.

So to sum it up, the 3 major differences between full-service design and e-design is the length of time for a project, the cost, and the fact that installation is done by the client, not the designer. But if you don’t mind ordering online and unboxing, e-design can be a great option for you to get that room decorated you’ve been wanting to finish!

I love that e-design makes interior design services available to everyone and in a much more approachable way. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful if you have a little help. It will be so worth it in the end when you come home after a long day and can just RELAX in your beautiful, cozy living room, wine in hand of course ;)

How to Choose the Right Light Fixture Size and Style for Your Home

Your guide to help you choose the right light fixture sizes and style for your home. Overwhelmed with the daunting task of picking out new lighting for your living room or kitchen? There are a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure you pick the right light fixture for your space. Click to read the full post.

Lighting is an important feature of your home and it’s one of the major decisions you’ll have when decorating. It’s also one of the most overwhelming tasks you’ll have...eek! Obviously, lighting serves a purpose so you want to make sure you have right amount of light for your space. But it also plays a big role in your room’s design. Light fixtures range from blingy and statement-making to simple, and the lighting you choose can really influence the overall design of your room.

Searching for the perfect light fixture can be a daunting task, as you sift through hundreds of options looking for the right style, comparing quality and budget. I know when I was picking out lighting for our home I spent hours so it was definitely a labor of love. But it’s always worth it in the end when you find the light fixture that is the right size and style for your home.

Don’t have hours to spend looking for the perfect light fixture? I can help with that!

If you are looking to replace the boring builder-grade light fixtures, or if you’re renovating and picking out all new light fixtures, this post will provide some tips to help you choose the best size and style for your home.

I’ll go over the 3 different types of lighting, first, and then I’ll get into lighting recommendations by room and how to determine the correct sizing.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the main source of light in a room, most often coming from an overhead light or recessed lighting. It’s the source that provides the most amount of light. Utilitarian rooms like kitchens and bathrooms generally need more light than hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms.

There are calculations you can do to see how many lumens or watts your space needs based on its size that you can then convert into light bulbs when you are deciding what light fixtures to get for your space. It’s important to have the proper amount of light in a room because there is nothing worse than a kitchen that is poorly lit so you can’t see what you’re doing when chopping veggies.

Since the calculations can get a little complicated if you aren’t a pro at calculating lumens (which I am not), I usually go by the number of light bulbs in a light fixture to get a rough idea. For ambient lighting in a room like a bedroom size, you’ll want at least 3 light bulbs around 60W. If you have an open concept living room that is fairly large, you’ll want 5 or more light bulbs in your ambient lighting that you choose.

It may sound confusing, but you don’t want to ignore this – it really is important! Before our kitchen makeover, I got a cheap IKEA pendant light to hang over our kitchen table. This was before I knew the importance of lumens, so I just got a pendant light with one light bulb and I figured it’d be fine. But once we installed it, the kitchen felt so dark because it didn’t have provide enough watts to light up the space, and the downward facing pendant was more suitable for an island as task lighting than an ambient light. So during our kitchen renovation we installed a new light fixture above our table and now we have more than enough light to fill the space and it truly makes a big difference.

how to choose a light fixture for above a table

Task Lighting

Task lighting is made for specific activities or uses such as sconces for nighttime reading, a desktop lamp, or a light above a vanity mirror. It lights up the space even more, and more directly, than what an ambient light can do. We have sconces next to our bed and not only is it nice to have when reading at night, but it also adds to the design and adds a nice touch.

sconce lights next to bed

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the most decorative of the 3 type of lighting that plays up architectural elements or a decorative focal point like a fireplace, built-ins, or piece of art. We actually don’t have much accent lighting in our home, because it’s older and pretty small, so ambient lighting with some task lighting works for us.

Now that we’ve covered the 3 types of lighting, let’s dig into the different styles of overhead lighting: flush mounts, chandeliers and pendants.

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are generally used in rooms with lower ceilings, smaller rooms, or where you don’t want to make a big statement with a chandelier.


Chandeliers are statement fixtures that hang down from the ceiling. They  are often used over dining tables, in larger living rooms, or entryways and large foyers.


Pendants are similar to chandeliers in that they hang down from the ceiling, but they are a smaller scale and usually have just one lightbulb. You’ll often see pendants over islands. Because they’re smaller scale, they are often hung in groups such as 2 or 3.

Determining the Size of Light Fixtures Needed

When deciding what light fixture to get, you need to first consider size. You want a fixture that is big enough for your space that doesn’t look proportionally small.

For ambient lighting, measure the length and width of the room. Then add them together and convert to inches, and that’s the ideal size for a light fixture.  For example, an 18-inch wide fixture would be ideal for an 8x10 foot room.

When figuring out the properly sized pendant for your kitchen island, measure the length of your island. Then, decide if you like the look of 2 or 3 pendants. If you go with 3 pendants, the pendant size can be smaller, but if you go with 2 pendants, they should be more oversized. After measuring the island, take into account the amount of space needed between each pendant. A good rule of thumb is to space pendants about 30 inches apart. Then you can go from there and calculate what size of pendants would fit above your island, leaving 6 inches of clearance on both ends of the island so no pendant hangs over the edge.

For dining room lights, look for chandeliers that are about ⅔ the size of your dining room table for a proportionate size.

Just remember, usually a single chandelier or pendant isn’t enough to light an entire room, so you want to include a combination of all 3 types of lighting such as table or floor lamps, bedside lamps, and task lighting above a sink or vanity.

Lighting Styles

One of the biggest questions around choosing lighting is what type of style to get, and do they all have to match? My recommendation is that lighting should play up the other elements in your room. A room can have a couple different metal finishes, but you want to choose one dominant metal to use throughout your home. For example, it’s perfectly ok to use a combination of both matte black and brass metal accents in your home for cabinet hardware, sink faucets, and door knobs, but choose a dominant and stick with it. That can help you decide which color to go with for your light fixture. So, if you have brass hardware in your kitchen, a black sink faucet, and brass curtain rods, and black is the dominant metal in your home, you’ll probably want to choose black pendants for above your kitchen island.

If you are choosing lighting for an open concept living and dining room, the lighting should compliment each other but it doesn’t have to be the exact same. Find a common element among the lighting in both rooms and play that up.

Lighting is a super fun and relatively easy way to add drama or make a statement in any room. Sometimes the most simple and basic rooms just need a cool chandelier to give it that punch it needs. While nice light fixtures are a bit of an investment, especially when you need multiples, they are easy to fix in about an hour, unlike painting a room which can take hours.

Choosing the Right Furniture and Decor for Your Home

Do you wish you knew what looked good together and how to pick out furniture and decor for your home? If you are overwhelmed with all the options out there and afraid to make decisions you'll regret later, click to read this blog post that gives you 3 helpful questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

I’ll admit, one of the most overwhelming and intimidating parts of decorating is picking out furniture and decor. The stakes are high because you don’t want to waste money and get something you’ll regret a few months later. Things like dining tables and sofas are not cheap, so you don’t want to buy the wrong item and then be stuck with it.

We’ve all been there before. You finally found an accent chair you like and after much thought, you decide to buy it. Once you get it home, you realize it’s a little too big, or maybe the color doesn’t quite go with the rest of the pieces in your room. So you decide to move it around your house, trying to find a spot for your chair in another room, but nothing seems to work. You wonder if maybe you should paint it or reupholster it? But what color? Ultimately, you’re not happy with how the chair looks in any room in your home, and now you’re suffering design regret and wish you never bought it in the first place. The worst part is, now you have to start all over, searching for a new chair to fit the original place you intended for it to sit.

As annoying and frustrating (not to mention costly!) this is, it happens ALL the time for people. I was on that vicious cycle myself a couple years ago, going back and forth between what I wanted and not really knowing what furniture or decor looked right together. I’d bring a piece home I thought might work, and sure enough, a few months later, I’d be wishing I got something else and regretted my decision. This is why I went through 3 coffee tables in just 2 years. Yes, 3!

Who has that kind of time and money to waste on this whole “trial and error” process? Not me!

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After a while of this back and forth cycle, I realized it was always the same contributing factors that caused me to regret my decisions that I could have easily avoided in the first place. So I came up with 3 questions to ask yourself before buying anything to avoid that design regret and make sure you get something you actually will love for the long-term.

Just asking yourself these questions first can save you a bunch of time and money because you aren’t wasting time looking for pieces that won’t work in your home or that you’ll regret. You can totally write them down on a note in your phone so you can refer back to the questions next time you’re contemplating buying something. They are so ingrained in me now, I just automatically rule anything out right away if they don’t meet all criteria from each of the 3 questions.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself First to Make Sure You Choose the Right Furniture and Decor for Your Home

Does it Align with Your Style?

First and foremost, whatever it is you’re considering, needs to align with your decorating style. Your decorating style ensures that it truly feels like you, and not something you'll tire of quickly. You also want to make sure it will go with the rest of your furniture and decor in your home so it doesn’t feel out of place or totally random. Sticking to your signature style keeps you to a cohesive look that flows nicely, and of course, reflects you.

Do You Genuinely LOVE It?

In other words, are you buying it just to cross it off your list, or are you buying it because you truly love it and it’s exactly what you were looking for? It’s easy to settle for something so you can finish your space and move on, but if you don’t love the piece, you will always keep an eye out for something else and never feel satisfied with it. Searching for the right piece requires lots of patience, but you’ll be much happier in the end if you wait until you find something that truly makes you happy.

Is it Exactly What You Wanted?

If you don’t know what you want, then take a step back and find out exactly what it is you need, or you’re setting up yourself for design regret. Think about the functionality of your space first and determine your needs. How do you use the space? Are there certain requirements you must have? How big does it need to be? What color? Is it big enough store everything? The more specific about your needs you are upfront, the easier it is to choose the right piece.

If you completely forget to think about size and how big you need something to be, you will be disappointed when you bring it home and realize it doesn’t quite meet your expectations. It’s super important to measure everything you’re considering buying, so you know if it fits the space appropriately.  When you’re shopping in store, bring a tape measure and make sure you measured your space beforehand so you know what you’re working with. If you’re shopping online, check the specs for dimensions. A few years ago I failed to measure properly before we bought our first couch and when we brought it home, it turned out to be way too big for the space. I had measured our room beforehand, but I forgot to take into consideration that we needed space for a walkway as well. Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze and we ended up getting a new couch just a year and a half later because the other one just didn’t work and was too big. So let that be a lesson to you to always make sure it checks all the boxes and is what you need AND is the right size for your space.

If you ask yourself these 3 questions before buying a big ticket item like a couch or dining table or even a statement chandelier, and can easily say yes to each question, then you’re good to go! You can relax knowing you’re making a good decision you’ll love. If you answer no to at least one, then you may want to reconsider your choice and look for something else.

Searching for the right piece of furniture takes some time, but these 3 things are critical in making sure you choose the right pieces that mesh with your style and home that fit your needs, and can save you tons of time by not having to make trips back to the store for returns. Plus, you’ll be much happier at the end with your beautifully decorated space!

What is your biggest regret you’ve purchased?

Decorate Your Home Quickly with Online Interior E-Design Services: The Step by Step Process

Want help from an interior designer without spending a fortune and waiting months and months for the end result? Online interior e-design services are just what you're looking for! It's a fast and simple way to decorate your home, all done virtually.

It’s amazing what we can do these days with a little technology!

Online interior design services, or e-design, is becoming more and more prevalent because it’s convenient and accessible. It offers the same results as an interior designer who comes to your home and works with you to plan out a room design, but it’s all done virtually online. So it’s really the best of both worlds because now you aren’t limited to working with someone located in your area, but you can work with any designer no matter your location, if they offer e-design services, and you get the same end result!

You may have some questions around how e-design works and wha the process looks like. Is it all done online? Is it truly possible to decorate a home from across the country, without stepping foot inside your home?

Yes, yes, and YES!

If you like online shopping and can handle responding to email, e-design is a great fit for you! Since it’s all done online, you don’t have to worry about a designer coming to your home and scramble to pick up first. We’ve all been there ha. All you have to do is send some pictures of your space, take a few measurements, and sit back while I work my design magic! Once you approve the designs, I’ll send you the design plan and shopping list. Then, you choose to buy pieces on your time as your budget allows, without any pressure.

The best part about e-design compared to traditional full-service design is it is a much quicker turnaround and more affordable. So if you’ve ever wanted to work with a designer on your home, but don’t want to wait months and months to see the end result, e-design is the perfect option.

Here’s a look at my e-design process so you can see how streamlined and simple it really is.

E-Design Process

Step 1. Book Your Spot

The first step after the inquiry is to book a 2-week time frame on my calendar for us to work together. I work with clients on 2-week schedules because it keeps the process streamlined and allows me to focus on just that one project, rather than splitting my time between multiple clients, which ultimately lengthens the turnaround time. That way, you get my full attention and get your designs within 2 weeks!

We find a two-week window that is open for both you and I. It’s important we are both available (ideally not traveling) during those 2 weeks so we can respond to any questions that may come up quickly as not to delay the 2 week turnaround. I try to provide all the information needed upfront to minimize back and forth in email during the 2 weeks. That way, it allows enough time to revise the design if needed!

I have an online calendar that shows my availability so it’s super easy to see the dates I’m available and choose what works best for you. Oh, technology, coming in handy ;)

Once we have a two week schedule that works for both of us, I’ll email over a contract, and the 50% deposit is required to secure your date. This locks your date so no one else can take it.

As soon as you send over the signed contract and 50% deposit (all done easily electronically!), you’ll receive my welcome packet that explains what to expect, helpful documents, and your client homework, which brings me to step 2.

Step 2. Client Homework

I’m passionate about helping others find their signature decorating style, so I of course wanted to include it in my e-design process! Before we can begin designing your space, we need to get to know you, your style, and what you’re drawn to aesthetically, and learn your needs for the space. It starts with a detailed style questionnaire that you fill out. You’ll answer questions like “How would you describe your current style now?”, “If you could envision your dream home, how would it look and feel?” and “What’s your biggest decorating challenge?”

Part two of your client homework are the before photos and measurements from your space You’ll just have to take pictures of the room we’re refreshing from all angles so I can get a good look, and you’ll measure the size of the room. In my welcome packet there will be instructions on how to take the best photos and the measurements so it’s really easy.

Part three of your client homework is all about inspiration. I like using Pinterest for this part because it makes gathering your inspiration super simple. In the welcome packet you’ll find instructions for how to create your Pinterest board of inspiration photos.

Once you finish your client questionnaire, take before photos and measurements, and create your Pinterest board of inspiration, we are ready to get started designing!

Step 3. Design Plan

Once I receive all your client homework, I start designing! This is when the 2 weeks begin, so I will go through your client homework and create your design plan. If needed, we can schedule a Skype call to talk through anything before I start the design. Once I finish your first round design board, I’ll send it over to you for review. You’ll provide any feedback you have and ask for changes if necessary. Then, I’ll revise the designs based on your feedback and send to you for final review. You can ask for any changes as long as we stay within the 2 week timeline, so you never have to worry about not liking the end result! When sourcing, I always stick to your budget and find pieces that are high-quality and something I would feel good about bringing into my own home. I read reviews and do lots of research to make sure I’m not just selecting any piece, but something that will last and meet your standards for the best price. Researching pieces and finding deals is one of my favorite things to do!

At the end of the two weeks once you approve the designs, I’ll hand over the design board, floor plan to scale, master shopping list with links to everything in the design, and any special design instructions for your space. At this point, you have everything you need to purchase items from the shopping list and bring the design to life in your home!

After we wrap up your room project, you can email me with any questions that may come up, if something goes out of stock, etc. I’m here for you the whole way!

If e-design is something you’re interested in and would like me to design your home, I’d love to hear from you! Click here to work together.

Simple Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Home

Does your house need some design updates? Here are 6 affordable ideas to update your spaces fast

Do you ever feel like your home needs a little something something but not quite sure what? I’m sure you’ve scoured Pinterest looking for ideas, tried rearranging, and even swapped out pieces from other rooms in your home, but nothing feels right.

Here are 6 updates that really pack a punch and instantly transform a room without paying a fortune if you aren’t up for a whole room refresh.


If you’re tired of your sofa and wish it was a different color, or maybe it has seen better days, slipcovers are a great option to instantly change the overall look of your couch for much cheaper than if you bought a new sofa. You can find a variety of slipcovers online. My personal favorites are fitted, so they look neat and tailored. Wayfair and Joss and Main have some nice slipcover options with a wide range of prices. I’m actually looking at getting a custom slipcover for the sake of keeping our white sofa clean, so I can just throw it in the wash and not have to worry about stains. ComfortWorks makes custom slipcovers that fit your furniture exactly and I’ve heard great things about them. In the picture above, you can see how a slipcover really updated the couch and now it fits with the rest of the room much better!

sofa before slipcover.jpg
sofa with clipcover.jpg

via Love Grows Wild


Never underestimate the power of paint. Paint is one of the cheapest ways to transform literally anything. I always suggest starting with paint first when wanting to update a piece. Sometimes it just needs a fresh color to make you fall in love with it all over again! If you need help choosing colors for your home, this post may help you.

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painted kitchen cabinets.jpg

via Inspiration for Moms


Hardware can get a little spendy, depending on the kind of knobs you get and how many you need, but they really do update the look and help modernize your cabinets. They’re also super easy to install yourself! We recently updated our interior doorknobs and hinges to worn brass to all matte black in our home, and it totally changed the look and makes the space feel more modern and in line with my style. The kitchen cabinets above look 10 times better with a coat of paint and some hardware.


Think about how’d you dress up a basic tee and jeans outfit. You could add fun jewelry, a red lip, or even a pair of killer shoes, and it instantly changes the vibe of your whole outfit. Same goes for accessorizing your home! A pretty mirror, pillows, fun art, a rug, or different window treatments can instantly update a room. See how the vibe of the room pictured above completely changes when the rug is swapped out from a busy pattern to a lighter, neutral airy rug. Carefully select your accessories because they work together to create the whole look and feel you’re trying to achieve.


via Emily Henderson

Cut Clutter

Whenever I feel like a space needs a little refresh, I always give it a good decluttering. I go through things and toss what I don’t use or don’t love. Then, I look for ways to organize what’s left in a pretty, concealed way (i.e. store pillows in a woven basket rather than an open wire basket). I’m a big fan of closed storage because it hides what’s inside and keeps the overall look clean and fresh, rather than looking visually busy or “messy”. So when trying to cut clutter and reduce the overall busyness in a room, use closed baskets such as wicker or fabric, rather than wire baskets where you can see the items inside.


I think everyone should have at least one plant in each room. Real or faux, they truly bring the space to life and add an organic shape and texture that creates interest. If you have a weird corner in your home and aren’t sure what to put there, try a plant! They help fill space and make decorating look intentional and put-together.

My fiddle leaf fig tree is my absolute favorite plant. I was nervous it would be difficult to care for since I’ve heard they’re finicky, but I’ve kept to a regular watering schedule and it’s doing great and has grown over a foot since I got it! A few other good large plants are snake plants, palm leaf, yucca, dragon trees, olive trees, and the rubber plant. You can buy full size plants, but if you buy a smaller plant that still has lots of growing to do, you can get them for a more affordable price. For example, a real full size fiddle leaf fig tree can cost $150 or more, but if you get a smaller version like the one I have, it cost about $30. I bought mine online from Home Depot! If you’re more of a faux plant girl, this is a good option for a faux fiddle leaf fig tree. It’s six feet so it makes a statement which I love. Put your plant in a cute little pot or basket and you have yourself a pretty addition to your space.

fiddle leaf fig tree .jpg

Best Target Home Finds You Need to Check Out

Love shopping at Target? Me too! I've rounded up the best Target home decor buys I can't live without.

Target is killing it these days, or really, for several years. They have so many cute lines of home decor, exclusive partnerships with Joanna Gaines and more, and that’s just the beginning. I mean, how can you not love their affordable prices?! It’s a no-brainer to shop Target for decor and accessories. I love myself a Target run, despite the fact that they make it TOO EASY to drop $100. I mean, there’s always something you find you could use.

New pillow? Yep.

Cute wall decor you’ve been eyeing now on sale? Yes.

Almond butter? Why not.

Please tell me it’s not just me.

While I pride myself on finding the best stuff at Target, I’m always curious to know what’s in everyone’s shopping cart, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds from Target.

The Best Target Home Finds

Stripe Cotton Blanket

We have this blanket draped on our white couch to help keep it clean, and I absolutely love it. It happens to be the exact same color as our couch so it blends in nicely, but it also washes up really well and hasn’t pilled or stained at all. It’s a nice weight and just an overall good blanket to have on hand. It comes in a few different colors too

Wire Storage Baskets

My heart pitter patters every time I see storage baskets and these wire baskets are no different. We use them in our linen closet to organize towels, toilet paper, and other things. They’re nice quality, come in a variety of sizes, and look super cute while keeping everything neat and organized.

Alarm Clock

Do people use digital bedside clocks anymore besides me? I hadn’t used one since high school because I just used my phone, but since I place my phone on the opposite side of the room from our bed, I force myself to get up right away when my alarm goes of (that way I’m not tempted to skip my morning workout). Only thing is, I could never check the time during the night. So glad I found this cute digital clock, and it goes with the decor in our bedroom which of course, is a must.

Fieldcrest Towels

I actually just ordered these after our wedding since it was time we finally replace the towels from college. My sister has these and recommended them and they do not disappoint! The towels are plush and thick, yet dry fast and are lightweight. They definitely feel like high quality towels! Plus, online in the description, it says they resist benzoyl peroxide bleaching which is amazing. My night time face products always bleached towels and my pillowcases in the past so it’s great I no longer have to worry about huge bleach spots on my towels. Highly recommend them! They come in many colors, but I got navy, surprise surprise :)

O-Cedar Spin Mop

Cleaning the floors may be my least favorite chore, behind washing dishes. There’s something about the dirty soapy water and gross mop head that makes me cringe every time. A year or two ago I got the O-Cedar Spin Mop and it makes washing floors so much better. It rings out the water with the press of a foot and you can throw the mop head in the washer when you’re done so you’re not dragging a dirty mop all over your floors each use.

White Comforter Set

I got this comforter set for our guest room and I was a little surprised with how nice it looks. It has some texture which I like and the button detail is super cute. The weight is nice, not too thin and cheap, and the price is pretty reasonable. Definitely a nice overall comforter if you’re in need.

Simple Human Trash Can

I know, I know, a trash can, really? But trust me, it’s that good! With a dog in the house, Bria was always trying to stick her head in the garbage can when we weren’t looking (even in the middle of the night!). We had a super cheap trash can with the swing lid, so she had no problem getting into the garbage and it was a constant battle of us yelling at her to stop. When we renovated our kitchen this past summer, I used it as an opportunity to get a decent looking trash can (we don’t have room to put one under the sink) that shut properly so Bria couldn’t get into it. The Simple Human trash can looks sleek and the flip up lid is flush with the top of the trash can so she can’t lift it open with her nose. I tested all the other trash cans at our local Target and this was the only one that is flush so she wouldn’t be able to lift the lid herself.  I love it! It really is the simple things. It has a fairly high price tag for a trash can, but it functions perfectly for what we need, is a nice wide size, and looks good in our kitchen. Totally worth it!

What are your favorite Target finds? Share in the comments - I’d love to try them out!

Your Guide to Shopping for Furniture Online + My Favorite Stores

shopping for furniture online can be a little tricky, especially since you can't actually test any of it out yourself first. read my tips on what I always look for when I'm buying online so I know what I'm getting and won't be disappointed once it arrives. Plus, I'm sharing my favorite places to shop for furniture online! Click to read

I’m a avid online shopper and prefer it over in-store shopping for most items because of its convenience and ability to quickly look at several items and easily compare while sitting on the couch in my leggings. It’s easy to search exactly what I’m looking for and I don’t have to fight crowds or check out lines.

However, when it comes to shopping for furniture online, it can get a little tricky. How are you supposed to buy something, like a couch or dining chair, online without ever sitting on it to test it out? You can’t, obviously...That’s one of the tradeoffs of online shopping in the comfort of your own home.

So, to make shopping for furniture online a little less scary, there are a few things I’ve learned over my extensive online shopping experiences over the years that I ALWAYS look for before ordering online to ensure I don’t totally regret my decision when the piece arrives.

How to Shop for Furniture Online

Read Reviews

Anytime I’m looking at something online no matter what it is, I always read reviews to see what other people are saying. You do have to take reviews with a grain of salt, as you never truly know how truthful they are, but reviewers usually point out things like color or quality or size that you wouldn’t be able to get a true sense of online, so they are definitely helpful to at least read. When there are several bad comments or if it has under 3 stars, I usually pass on the item and keep looking for something else. If the site you’re on doesn’t have any reviews, try Googling the name of your product and seeing if you can find any other retailers online that sell the same product that might have reviews or if someone else has written an article about the product.

Free Shipping AND Returns

This one is major. I almost exclusively only buy from sites that offer free shipping and returns. Free shipping is especially important when buying furniture online, because the bigger the item, the higher shipping cost. Sometimes it can cost hundreds of dollars and who wants to spend that on shipping? A lot of retailers are offering free shipping now luckily, so I hardly even look at retailers if they don’t offer any kind of free shipping or returns, or if there isn’t a store located near me that I can return there if needed. I just don’t want to pay extra to ship an item if there are other options out there that do it for free.

Furniture can sometimes look different online than what you expected, so it’s important to be able to return pieces for a full refund without having to pay an arm and a leg to ship it back. I always check if the retailer offers free return shipping before ordering something so I know that if for some reason I don’t like the piece and need to return, I can.

I’ve returned or exchanged a few items I bought online because it wasn’t exactly what I wanted after seeing it in person, including a patio table and kitchen chairs, and the free returns have been a life-saver.

Great Customer Service

This goes along with free shipping, but a company with amazing customer service turns me into a loyal customer and I keep coming back. I want the peace of mind that if I buy something and it’s just not working out or arrives damaged, I can return it easily without jumping through a million hoops. Some companies like Nordstrom are known for glowing customer service and I’ll choose them over a retailer offering the same item for slightly cheaper every time. Great customer service just makes the buying experience that much better and you feel good about your purchase.

A few of my personal favorite online stores that I’ve had great online experiences with are Target, Joss and Main, Wayfair, Article, Minted, West Elm, Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, and PBTeen. When I’m looking for furniture or decor, I always check these stores first and see if I can find what I need there. I’ve ordered from all of them online and each company was great and happily refunded me and sent a replacement if needed (there were a few instances).

I got our couch from Article online and we absolutely love it. I wrote all about our couch here, including the buying process. It seems crazy to buy a couch online without ever having sat on it, but Article offers free returns so if you don’t like, you can send it right back. I wasn’t finding what I wanted in store in our area, so it’s nice to have options online.

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Double Check Size and Color

Computer screens makes it difficult to gauge the actual size of something, and the color isn’t necessarily a true depiction of what it looks like in-person. When it comes to size, always always ALWAYS get out your tape measure and measure your space in your home to makes sure the item is the correct size you need and that it will fit the space appropriately. I mis-measured when we were couch shopping the first time around a few years ago and forgot to allow room for a walkway (kind of important ha), so when the couch was delivered, it turned out to be way too big for the space and we were left with a TINY walkway. Definitely not ideal.

As far as color, if you’re ordering something upholstered, if possible, order fabric samples first. Usually companies offer them for free so you can see colors and textures in-person and compare it to the rest of the stuff in your home to make sure it matches. But if they don’t offer free samples, that’s why you want great customer service and free returns so you can return it if needed.

Is It Pre-Assembled

It’s nice to know if the furniture is pre-assembled or if you’ll have to put it together yourself. Let’s be honest, not everyone is up to the challenge of spending hours matching pieces and hammering nails. I don’t know about you, but I need to mentally prepare myself if it requires hours of assembly. Send all the wine and turn up T-swift, please.

Look at Materials

Since you can’t touch and feel the item through the computer screen, check what materials it’s made with. The materials tell a lot about the quality of the piece and if it will last. For wood furniture, solid wood is much more sturdy and usually more expensive than wood composite or particle board. Which is why IKEA furniture is so affordable. If you’re buying a table or couch or chair that will be used a lot, you probably want something that’s study and well-made so it can hold up to the heavy use. For night stands or entryway console tables, I’m ok with getting a piece that’s made with not as high of quality materials because they don’t get used like a couch.

Every time I’m shopping online for furniture, or really anything, I always look for these 5 essentials. I’ve definitely had times when an item arrived damaged, or the color was off, or it just wasn't the right size, but I’ve never been stuck with it or lost money because I did my research ahead of time to make sure I’d be able to return or exchange.

What are your favorite online stores or where have you shopped and had a great experience with ordering online? I’d love to hear!