23 Things Cluttering Your Home You Can Get Rid of Right Now

23 things cluttering your home

Have you felt stressed out by the state of your home recently? Are the stacks of papers from tax season still laying out? Or maybe your new spring sandals you just bought don't fit in your overflowing closet? When life gets busy, clutter always finds a way to creep in our homes (and you've seen what my home looks like on a typical day to prove it.) Whether it's because our busy work schedule hasn't allowed time for a spring clean out, or we just can't bear the thought of throwing out our favorite (yet worn out) flats, the clutter is stressing us out. We hold on to things hoping we'll finish reading that stack of magazines or fix the broken necklace, but when we don't get around to it, we feel bad.

For example, I was hanging onto allllll the Lucky magazines I had since high school because I thought I might want to reference them again, but with Pinterest and a thing called the Internet, they were just collecting dust.

I won't get into the psychology behind clutter, but the fact is clutter ends up weighing us down physically and mentally, causing us to be less productive and unhappy.

I'm striving to live simpler and only keep things I truly love and use. The act of simplifying our home and removing the unnecessary things that inadvertently anger us will not only help reduce clutter, but make us happier and stress less about the current state of our home.

Here is a list of 23 things that you can get rid of right now that are cluttering your home and mind.

  1. Dried nail polish bottles - Throw out any bottle that is dried up or a color you no longer use.
  2. Beauty products - Under the sink cabinets are major culprits for storing extra clutter and unused items. Get rid of all the hair products, lotions, etc. you haven't used in the last 6 months.
  3. Expired sunscreen bottles - Sunscreen goes bad over time so check the date and throw out anything old.
  4. Single-use kitchen gadgets - These are one of my biggest pet peeves. Single-use items not only take up lots of space, but they only serve one purpose. How many times have you really made waffles in the last year?
  5. Mismatched storage containers - Get rid of the containers with missing lids or any  you haven't used in the last 6 months.
  6. Dried up markers or pens - If a pen doesn't work, throw it away.
  7. Broken or unworn jewelry - If you haven't fixed it yet, you probably never will. Get rid of all jewelry you haven't worn in the last year.
  8. Broken sunglasses - No longer wearable so just get rid of them.
  9. Scarves you don't wear - Seemingly harmless, they are taking up extra space.
  10. Stained or ripped clothing - Get rid of clothing that is stained, ripped, or anything else you don't wear. It is just taking up precious closet space.
  11. Mismatched socks - Another pet peeve of mine. Jordon has tons of mismatched socks, so every time I do laundry and fold socks, I get frustrated because I can never find the right match. The solution is to buy socks in just one brand and color so all socks are the same and you aren't wasting extra time looking for the exact match for each pair.
  12. Unworn or damaged shoes - Shoes that are uncomfortable, that don't fit right, or you don't wear are just taking up space. Get rid of them.
  13. Old magazines or newspapers - You can hold onto a few of your favorites, but the weekly issues of People magazine are safe to recycle.
  14. Greeting cards - I usually keep them for a few weeks and then toss them. Some I hold on to if it's special by keeping it in a file folder. You shouldn't feel bad about tossing cards as I don't think the sender expects you to keep it forever.
  15. Cords - Ahh technology. There are cords for everything and you probably don't know what half of them are for. Get rid of them. If you have cords and you do know what they plug into, get a designated bin and label them.
  16. Old makeup - Most makeup has expiration dates and goes bad. Throw out anything that's the wrong color, expired, or you haven't used in the last 6 months.
  17. Samples - Those beauty samples you get and never use are just clutter.
  18. Travel size bottles - You don't need 10 travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Keep one set and throw the rest out.
  19. Hair tools - Get rid of the hair dryer attachments, curlers, and other tools that you don't use.
  20. Towels - You only need enough towels to get you by until laundry day plus a couple extras for guests. Any holy or dingy towels can be tossed or used as cleaning rags (however, you don't need 20 cleaning rags).
  21. Old cell phones - There really isn't a use for these and they are most-likely outdated. You can usually bring it in to your carrier and they'll recycle it.
  22. Candles - If a candle is gone or you don't like the scent, get rid of them. If you plan on removing the wax and using the jar, do it.
  23. Text books - I have text books from college that I planned on selling on Amazon but they just weren't worth much. Donate them and free up your space.

The first time sorting through and simplifying our belongings is quite challenging, but once we get the initial work done and knock out the "easy" stuff from the list above, you'll notice a sense of relief and begin to enjoy a less cluttered home. Keeping up with seasonal routines can be done more easily and often.

I love cleaning out my closet and do it often because I love the feeling and having a more organized closet. I no longer stare at an overflowing closet full of stuff I hate. What a bad way to start the morning!

What are you hanging on to that's weighing you down?