6 Plants (Almost) Impossible To Kill

6 indoor plants impossible to kill even if you're a beginner

Plants instantly liven up a room (no pun intended) by adding a pop of color and nice texture. I like to decorate with plants by adding them to shelves, night stands, and coffee tables because I think they look great and pull everything together. It's no wonder if you look at any well-designed room on Pinterest they all have one thing in common: plants!

I love me some flowers just like the next lady, however, the great thing about plants is they last much longer and there are many affordable options.

I've never claimed to have a green thumb and honestly, never experimented with plants until a few months ago. I shied away from plants before because I didn't want to invest a lot only to have them die weeks later. I figured it was time to venture out and try the whole real plant thing since they always look so pretty in homes.

Costa Farms recommended some low-maintenance plants that are super affordable to help ease into it, and so far so good!

Right now I have 8 plants in my home, 3 of them I've had for about 4 months now and they are still flourishing! While I won't claim my green thumb just yet, I will share with you my favorite indoor plants all under $5 and how I'm keeping them alive. With these plants I've kept a consistent schedule and water them every Saturday (or Sunday) and they seem to really like it!

Fun fact: Did you know more indoor plants die every year from overwatering? Who knew!

Rex Begonia

This pretty purple plant likes medium to high sunlight. Every week I give it a little water, about a half a cup's worth. I don't actually measure, just eyeball it - just enough to make the soil wet. It's better to keep this guy a little too dry than too wet, and the soil may actually look like it's "cracking" but that's ok.

Warning sign: if it's looking droopy, move it to a place where it receives more light. I had to move mine around in the office for a few weeks before I found its happy place.

Gold Pothos

This guy is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. I have this on my nightstand where it gets indirect sunlight and it's doing great. These plants prefer moist soil so I give mine a good watering every week, about a cup's worth.

Marginata Dracaena

These plants thrive in medium to high light and need about about a half a cup of water every week. I had this in our living room for a while, but the tips were getting a little brown with the dry winter air so I moved it to our bathroom for more humidity.  I really like the look of this plant because it has a modern feel with the spiky leaves, and after many more years it will start to grow into a tree!

Lemon Surprise Dracaena

Another dracaena variety, this one is in our living room. This plant is easy to grow and likes moist soil and medium to high light. I water give it about a half cup to a cup of water weekly.

Marble Queen Pothos

This is a pretty, lighter green plant that we have sitting on our kitchen table. It likes medium to high sunlight and to be kept moist, so I give it a cup of water every week.

Hoya Rope Wax Plant

This is a vine plant but it grows pretty slowly. Wax plants are another easy-growing plant that require low light and water. It's sold in a hanging basket but I have mine on a shelf in our office. I have a totem stuck in the soil to keep it growing upwards so the stems don't get too long. It can grow in low, medium, or bright light and requires little water. I give it a cup or more water every week. This is one of my best looking plants and I never had any trouble with it wilting or leaves turning brown.

Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Plants

The size of the plant and container it's in can affect the amount of water it needs, these are just my guidelines. Obviously a bigger plant will need more water, and terra cotta pots tend to absorb water so those plants might need a little extra. All of my plants are in plastic pots with holes on the bottom to drain so the roots don't rot. I have found that being consistent and not overwatering has worked best for my plants.

If you are a beginner like I was, I'd highly suggest starting with either a Hoya Rope Wax Plant or a Marginata Dracaena. They are super easy and look great without much attention. Even if you miss a watering they will still do ok. Beginning with a low maintenance plant with a small investment ($5 for each) will build your confidence and your green thumb.

These Costa Farms Exotic Angel plants can all be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart for under $5. Such a good deal for a beautiful addition to your home!

I have plants in every room except for the basement and I love it. It really completes the spaces without having too much decor sitting around.

Now that I'm feeling more confident in my skills, I want to try a larger plant. I hear the sansevieria (snake plant) is indestructible.