7 Best Sources For Affordable Rugs

7 best sources for affordable rugs


Rugs are one of my favorite things to pick out when decorating a new room. They drastically change the look and feel of a space. A bold rug (like mine above), adds tons of color and the pattern livens up the room. On the other hand, a neutral rug would give the same room a calming feel. Check out what our living room looked like when we just moved in with a white shag rug. What a difference! Just as shoes can make or break an outfit, I think rugs can make or break a room.

Sadly, rugs can be costly.

When I was researching rugs for my apartment a few years ago, I was determined to find affordable options, and I did! I was surprised to find so many great sources out there so I thought it was time to share them with you.

Rugs USA - This is my go-to source for rugs. I own 3 large rugs from them and each one is super high-quality and beautiful. My blue living rug is so thick and soft, even though it's not a shag, and it has held up wonderfully with the heavy traffic in the living room. Rugs USA selection is incredible with thousands of rugs to choose from. They always have 70% off or more sales so you can get a rug on major discount with free shipping.

Dash and Albert - A beautiful site with a smaller collection and tons of adorable dog pictures. The prices are slightly higher but they have a great selection of classic rugs that you can't go wrong. The site is less overwhelming than Rugs USA if you are indecisive. I personally haven't purchased from them yet, but I do have my eye on this pretty rugby stripe runner for our stairs.

Target - I can't not include Target in this lineup. We all know their prices are great and designs are on point. I've noticed online they offer special savings offers and have a bigger selection than in-stores.

World Market - I love World Market for their fun and colorful decor. You can find some great deals on rugs if you look for them on sale or if they are offering a special percent off event, usually around holidays.

Zinc Door - An online decor store that has a similar selection of rugs as Rugs USA, most of which qualify for free shipping.

Urban Outfitters - Not just a clothing store, they have great home decor and rugs. They are reasonably priced and perfect for a boho-chic look. Most of their rugs are on the smaller side, 5x7 or under.

Overstock - I found that a lot of the rugs at Rugs USA are also on Overstock. Because the selection is so huge and it isn't the most friendly site for browsing, I usually look for rugs elsewhere, then once I find one I like, I check to see if it's at Overstock for less.

I hope these sources are helpful on your next rug hunt! Do you have a favorite source that I didn't include?

Let me know if you'd like a post walking you through steps how to pick out a rug. There are so many amazing options, I know how hard it can be to choose one!