Best Source For Affordable Boho Pillows

Happy Bachelor Day! Seriously, Mondays instantly get better with The Bachelor back on. Anyone else tuning in tonight?  I hope you had a great weekend, and maybe are even lucky enough to still call today the weekend with MLK Day. I spent mine indoors trying to stay warm and organizing the house a bit more. Super exciting, right? :)

You know those super cool shibori and vintage boho-looking pillows that are everywhere? The ones that cost like $200 for one pillow?  I love love love the look but gosh, $200 for a pillow is not in my budget.

Well, I found a shop on Etsy that sells boho pillows for an affordable price! There are tons of options to choose from (some are over $50) and I even noticed all pillows are currently 25% off. I double checked and the seller said the sale is valid through January.

I haven't picked one up for myself just yet but I'm eyeing this one, this one, and this one for our living room or bedroom.

I love how Brit of House Updated styled her boho pillows in a bright window seat. What a gorgeous space.

The offer was too good not to share with you guys! Enjoy :)