DIY Barn Door Hardware

DIY Barn Door Hardware For $35
DIY barn door hardware
DIY barn door hardware

Last week I mentioned Jordon was building a TV stand for the basement and we were hoping to finish it this past weekend. Well, we did! And now you're getting a first look.

Isn't it amazing?! I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. Jordon tackled the majority of it in one day, and then finished painting and barn doors another day while I was at work.

The exact tutorial for this TV console is from Ana White. It gives you the cut list and step by step directions. For some reason, however, the tutorial didn't include instructions for the barn door or the hardware.

I was looking online for barn door ideas and all the actual barn door hardware was SO expensive. Like hundreds of dollars expensive. We were building the piece in the first place to save money, and spending hundreds on hardware seemed silly, no matter how cool it looked. So we had the idea to create our own DIY barn door hardware.

Jordon did this all while I was at work and even took a few photos!

All the materials are found in the plumbing section except for the U bolts.


  • 1/2"x 6' steel pipe, $11
  • 2 90 degree elbow to fit the 1/2" pipe, $6 each
  • 2 1/2" flanges, $5 each
  • 4 1/2" U bolts, $1 each

Step 1.

We wanted black hardware so we spray painted all the materials.


Step 2. 

Find the center of the bar and align it with the center of the TV console. Screw in the elbows to the flanges and screw the pipe into the elbows so everything is connected. Then drill in the 2 outside holes on each flange. Jordon said this takes a little trial and error. If you can't drill in the screws to the flanges you can unscrew the pipe to make it a little easier, but it takes precise measuring to make sure it lines up when you can screw in the pipe again.


Step 3. 

Drill 2 holes in each barn door 6 1/2 inches apart for the U bolts. Then put the U shaped part through the holes and attach the flat piece and nuts to secure it.


It's such an affordable solution for the barn door look and it works great! I love how the entire project turned out. We still have some more updates before I reveal the entire basement, but it's coming soon!