DIY Mercury Glass Vase


As I'm transitioning my decor to fall, I wanted to bring in some metallics as pretty accents. I love the look of mercury glass but it can get spendy. Thanks to Rustoleum they have a mirror effect spray paint that achieves the same mercury glass look in minutes (and for a fraction of the price)!

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Here's how to get the look.



Step 1 

Make sure your object is clean. According to instructions it says to spray the opposite side you want mirrored, so I sprayed the inside. Lightly spray water on the side of object you'll be spray painting. The more water droplets there are the more "splotches" in the final result creating the mercury glass look.

Step 2

Immediately lightly spray paint the damp object. If you want a slightly transparent look, apply a thinner coat. I wanted a more covered look so I sprayed more.

Step 3

If you sprayed too much spray paint want to create more splotches, you can simply dampen a paper towel and gently rub the paint off.


I'm obsessed with this stuff! It works so well and adds a nice touch to otherwise plain glass accessories. I want to do more for the holidays too. I didn't experiment with painting the outside instead of the inside of the vase, so if you do, let me know if it creates a different look.

Happy spray painting!

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