Entryway Updates + A Styling Trick

entryway bench with chalkboard hooks
entryway bench with chalkboard hooks

Happy Monday! Thank you so much for all the love and support on my last post. You guys were so encouraging and gave me the hope that I can find a work x blog x life balance that is sustainable and I appreciate you sticking with me as I figure it out.

Who else can't believe it's already August? The last couple weeks this month we're busy and then it'll be September so I'm trying to soak up the last of summer. While I'm not ready for cooler weather just yet, I am ready to decorate for fall. This is the first year we're living together in our home during fall so it's exciting that I have an entire house to decorate instead of an apartment. I walked into Hobby Lobby on Saturday and they are already stocked for fall and Christmas. I'm already planning decor ideas and will be giving a full home tour of it all.

This past weekend I did a little work to the entryway. Our entryway is more of a big room instead of an entryway. It's an awkward space and size so I struggled with what to do so I ended up doing nothing. We needed a place to put our coats in the winter and I wanted the entryway to feel more homey as you entered the house instead of a random empty room.

I found the bench on sale at Target and got the cute chalkboard hooks at Gordmans. We had some scrap wood laying around that I sanded and hung as a shelf. Just these few additions completely transformed the space into a functional entryway for under $100!

entryway makeover

Our home is a split level so the entryway is in the basement with one tiny window so you'll have the pardon the lighting in the photos.

entryway update for under $100
chalkboard hooks
entryway makeover

For reference, here's a photo that shows the size of the room. It extends even further to the right where our console table is, the doorway to laundry, and the stairs leading to the first floor.

styling tricks

We had a randomly placed unused outlet so a little styling trick is to hang a scarf or jacket to cover it up. Another trick is to utilize closed storage for things like desktop computers. I have a personal and work laptop that I use but we have an old desktop computer and a printer that we still wanted to keep even though it's not used daily. It was sitting on an old desk but I wanted the computer out of sight. My parents had an unused armoire sitting in their basement and it happened to fit our computer perfectly, so we stuck it in there. The armoire stain looks rather yellow in the photos, but it's not quite that bright in person. I might try and "weather" it a bit so it looks more worn.

how to hide a computer

So what do you think of the entryway? I love that just a few updates can change the look and function of a space!

entryway bench with chalkboard hooks