IKEA Vanity Hack + DIY Leather Pulls

IKEA is great for lots of things like cheap furniture, they however, are not good for hardware.

The vanity in our bedroom is a $60 IKEA hack made from two Fullen sink cabinets with a white board from Home Depot sitting on top since it is made for a sink. I wanted a modern vanity that was cheap and couldn't find any great options until I came across the Fullen. It's a super affordable solution that works great for storing jewelry and other random things. I will warn you it's not the highest quality and the back and top are all open (which is why there is a board resting on top), but that is expected for $30 a piece.

The vanity came with plastic handles that I lived with for over a year, but the other weekend the idea for leather pulls popped in my head to spice it up and give it a little more style.

Originally I was going to up-cycle a leather belt but my thrift store didn't have any so I headed over to Hobby Lobby to check out the leather section and found a bracelet kit. It was pre-cut and had snaps but it was cheaper than buying buying a leather strip.

Here is the simple tutorial to make these pretty leather pulls!


Step 1.

If you do chose a strip of leather you can cut it to size using a utility knife and make a hole using a drill. Since my leather was pre-cut, I just had to remove the snaps using a pliers. To remove them, pull on the end you will be able to shimmy it through the whole in a couple minutes after working with it.

Step 2.

The leather was natural so I decided to dye it a dark brown. Jordon has this Kiwi Brown Leather Dye for his work shoes and it ended up being the perfect color. Simply rub it on and let it dry in between coats.

Step 3.

Take your hexagon bolts and put them through the hole creating a loop. I had to drill a larger hole in my vanity to fit the bolt. Because of the way the vanity door closes, I couldn't fit a nut on the end of the bolt to secure it, but it fits tight enough that it doesn't come out when pulling on the leather loop.

Such a simple and pretty way to update any piece of furniture! It has a cool modern rustic feel. Lindye Galloway is an amazing interior designer and used leather pulls on her closet drawers which I LOVE.

I've made a few updates to our bedroom and will be sharing a reveal soon!

p.s. Our stripe duvet that I'm obsessed with is from Target! Similar to the West Elm one but more affordable :)