Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Just because bathrooms are small, they can (and should!) still be styled and decorated so they are a reflection of you and your home and make you feel good.

We remodeled our bathroom over 5 years ago, but today I’m sharing some simple decor ideas to turn it from flat and blah to beautiful.

The number one thing you can do to decorate your bathroom is to incorporate color and pattern in one of the following ways:

1. Fun wallpaper or paint color on your vanity or walls

2. Patterned shower curtain

3. Interesting rug

Those 3 things are the main elements to a bathroom design (outside of doing a major remodel where you can choose fun tile). Depending on your love for pattern and color, you can certainly do a combination of all 3 for a really bold look.

For our bathroom, I wanted to go white (surprise, surprise) for a clean, modern look. But to balance the white, I did a deep navy paint color on the upper half of the walls. It grounds the room so it doesn't feel overly white without feeling too dark or heavy. To bring in some pattern so it doesn’t feel flat, I added a simple stripe shower curtain in the color scheme I was going for, and then a simple piece of art above the toilet pulls it all together. A teal rug repeats the same color from the shower curtain and adds enough color so the floors aren't all white.

My last little tips is always add a plant (faux or fake) or some kind of greenery. This is always my suggestion no matter the room because it adds a bit of color and texture and finishes it off.

For a complete look at our bathroom, watch the IGTV video below!