Ready to actually know your home decor style?

What if you knew exactly what color to paint your walls or what kind of furniture looked best in your living room?

Or that you had a thought process and knew exactly where to start and how to pull together a room that looked cohesive.

No more mismatched furniture or agonizing over all the decisions.

No more buying stuff and then returning it a few months later because you changed your mind.

No more feeling less than happy with how your home looks because it doesn’t reflect your style personality.

I’m talking about getting crystal CLEAR about what your decorating style looks like and how you can get the beautiful, decorated home that you’re dreaming about.

You know, the one when you walk in the front door you’re greeted with an organized home that reflects YOU and is the very place you are excited and happy to hang out with family and friends.

How would your life change if that’s how you felt every day?

I know exactly how to do that, and I’m letting you in on all the secrets…


I’m Amanda and I help you discover and define your signature home decor style so you can decorate your home with confidence and ease.

Once you know the power of your signature style you’ll wonder why you waited so long to find it!

Over the past 5 years I’ve spent hours and hours decorating our first home and have learned the hard way how important it is to know your style. In the beginning, I wasted lots of time and money buying things for our home and then changing my mind and regretting them later. I finally got clear on what my style was and suddenly things started coming together. These days our home reflects my style personality and we absolutely love the way it looks and couldn’t be happier.

Now, I work with women like you who are struggling to decorate your home and are tired of not knowing what will look good and want to get clear on your style and what colors, patterns, furniture styles and more make up your signature look.

So if you’re ready to finally get a handle on your true style so decorating is filled with more joy and ease, you are in the right place!


Are you ready to:

  • Know exactly what aligns with your style and vibe (and what doesn’t) when you walk into a store or browse online

  • Prioritize all your design ideas and understand which ones are worth doing

  • Have an action plan of what to tackle and how to do it

  • Gain confidence that you know what looks good together and make decisions

  • Decorate a home that reflects your style you feel proud of

Then we need to talk.

I invite you to apply for a 30-minute complimentary Style Strategy Sessions (worth over $150). Apply below for this valuable (and FREE) Style Strategy Session with me.

We will discuss:

  • What's working well in your home now

  • Where you’re getting stuck

  • My recommendation to get clear on your style

  • What your next steps should be

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