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are you happy with how your home looks right now? 

Sadly, majority say no...


So, you want your home to feel comfortable and welcoming, and a place you can enjoy with family & friends? 

But right now you feel stuck and you're afraid to make decisions you'll regret later.

Girl, you are in the right place. 


You don't know what furniture & decor look good together, & feel lost when it comes to accessorizing.


No matter how much you rearrange furniture or look for ideas on Pinterest, you can't get your space to flow and feel *quite* right.


You know what you like, but you struggle to create your vision and are left feeling like something is missing, but you aren't sure what. When it comes to picking out accessories for your home you are clueless, so you end up doing nothing because you are scared you'll make a mistake.


Sound familiar?



You're ready to come home every day after a long day of work to a space that's beautifully decorated and looks put-together. 

You're ready for a home that truly reflects YOU that you can feel proud of. 

Where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass a wine while watching The Bachelor with your girlfriends.

Are you nodding your head thinking, "Umm yes, please!"



All of this is completely achievable. And I'll help you get there!


There are two major pieces to decorating your home:

  1. Your Personality Style

Your unique style consists of the colors, furniture types, patterns, textures and more that you’re drawn to that align with your goals.

  1. The Design Plan

The step-by-step process of choosing pieces for your room design and knowing what looks good together while following your style personality and staying true to your intentions.


If you find yourself constantly questioning what color to paint your walls, or can't decide on what art to hang, or how to accessorize your built-in shelves, let me help you, my friend! 

Decorating doesn't have to be so complicated if you just have a little plan in place and some guidelines to follow. I'll show you how to break it down to make choosing accessories, furniture, rugs, & more less scary, so you aren't constantly worried about making a mistake and being stuck with it. 


i want to help you...


1. Take what decor you know you like and define your decorating style in an easy-to-understand way that guides you so your home flows and reflects YOU, not just a picture from Pinterest. I'll help you work with what you've got and transform a room that just doesn't feel *quite* right to finished!

2. Bring your dream home vision and all your Pinterest and Instagram ideas to life. I'll help you create your vision through mood boards and organize your ideas so you can decide which projects to focus on and what you should tackle first, giving you all the steps and checklists to follow. 

3. Choose accessories, furniture, and colors that flow with everything in your home while reflecting your own decorating style. I'll provide suggestions for furniture and decor and show you how to make decisions so everything feels cohesive and give you confidence to actually "pull the trigger" on your decisions so you don't regret anything later. 

4. Feel full of happiness because you have an organized, beautifully decorated home you love coming home to every day. Amen, sista!



Your style is unique and customized to fit you


Whether you know it or not, your style is already in you somewhere, I'll help you uncover it so it captures the essence of you and your goals perfectly.