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Style Strategy Session

Yes, I want a Style Strategy Session for just $67

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The room planner checklist is on its way to your inbox! Now you have the step by step to decorate your home.

But before you go…

Do you want to get there faster? I want to tell you about a style session strategy call.

I designed these sessions to address 2 of the most common roadblocks preventing women like you from creating their beautiful, intentional home.

Style Strategy Session
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Is a Style Strategy Session for you?

  1. Do you feel confused about what’s your style (or lack thereof) and question knowing what furniture and decor look good together and how to mix things with what you currently own so it feels cohesive? I’ll help you get clear on what your unique personality style is and what it consists of – so you can confidently pick out colors and furniture with ease.

  2. Do you get tired of doing it all on your own? A style strategy session is like having an honest BFF (that would be me!) sitting by your side offering helpful tips and ideas in your ear as you move through the decorating process.

  3. Do you tend to freeze when it comes to all the ideas and struggle with knowing what to take action on? Let me help you get all those swirling ideas out of your head so we can decide what’s realistic –– and to give you the steps to take immediate action.  

What’s in a Style Session?

The consultation is done virtually or over the phone.  To get started, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help me in analyzing your lifestyle, goals, objectives, your home's needs and personal style preferences.  The consultation will include a full color analysis to determine the colors that you are drawn to and feel cohesive in your home, and a custom color scheme will be created exclusively for you.

The next phase of the consultation is to analyze the different styles you like and what furniture styles, fabrics and patterns, wood finishes make up your own unique decorating style. I will work with you 1 on 1 to uncover these elements and make sure we are staying true to you and what it is you like.

Lastly, we'll define your signature decorating style and I'll coach you through how to use it to ensure that you make better furniture and accessory choices in the future, and develop a beautifully decorated home that fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.  At the end of the consultation you will receive a personalized style report to look back on and help you during your transition as you continue decorating your home.

Remember, the only way to figure out what furniture and decor to get for your home that look cohesive together, is to get laser clear on two things:

  1. Who YOU are / WHAT you like best

(that super sweet spot where you see a room that speaks to you and your heart skips a beat)

2. How you want your home to feel

(the nitty-gritty, honest look at your home and your goals)

A Style Strategy Session is designed to make sure you do EXACTLY that.

When you transform your home into a space that is super-aligned with you and your personality:

  • You look forward to coming home to hang out with family and friends

  • You can sit back and enjoy your home rather than stressing about it

  • Decorating becomes fun

  • Your home looks and feels good

  • You can live a life with ease and happiness

Bottom line:

I want you to create a super-aligned, beautifully decorated home that fits your style personality.

I WANT that you. 

I KNOW it’s possible. 

I’ve done it MYSELF. 

I’ve HELPED many others do it.

And I want to help YOU.

Style Strategy Session
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