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  1. We are trying to decide whether Wrought Iron is too dark for the exterior of our house. We live on the CA coast, so we have sun and fog. Would Wrought Iron be too dark/foreboding on foggy days? Thanks for the great article!

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Exteriors paint colors always look lighter! It’s going to be a darker home, but it’s a beautiful choice!

  2. hello! I am trying to create a modern cottage style home. I love the modern feel but my home leans more cottage, so I’m trying to mix the two. Black gutters or Copper gutters. Pashmina front door color, black, or blue…the list goes on. I really like pashmina but might go with a copper gutter and not sure it would go well, so I’m leaning more towards Wrought Iron. Any thoughts?? Thank you for sharing your color expertise!

  3. We have a MCM home here in So Cal, body of house is off white smooth “Santa Barbara” plaster with subtle hints of gray and very light beige in it. House has a section of very dark brown horizontal siding over cascade. Do you think either BM Wrought Iron or SW Iron Ore would look good on the wide fascia board surrounding the house? It’s a true flat roofed MCM.


  4. You mention creamy white, so I am interested to know the color of the brick that is paired with the front door?

  5. Hello! I am going to be painting all of our interior doors wrought iron. Which type of paint should I use? I don’t want shine, but I want to be able to wipe them clean. Thanks!

  6. Any chance to get info on where you got this front door? I want this door and then paint it in Wrought Iron. I’ve been to 3 different door stores and I’m overwhelmed. I LOVE this door. Thank you!

  7. Hello! I wonder what colour of hardware would go best with wrought iron transitional front door with 3 frosted glass inserts, painted on interior side as well. I have white trim around door and house (1956 bungalow) is painted BM willow (also dark) with brick lower. There is a lot going on here and I am debating between ORB and satin nickel- Said choices steered by hardware style and availability.

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