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  1. Judy & Verl Elms says:

    Great instructive article!!! Going to save it for doing our brick surround and hearth. Very inspiring and helpful. Plus your fireplace is beautiful!!

  2. We just painted ours this week. I love it. Where did you get your mantle?

  3. Do you have an issue with the lime wash coming off on your cloths when you sit on the hearth

  4. This is what I’ve been wanting to do to it’s and couldn’t figure out how. So glad you shared. Did you go over the nube grey bricks with the white too? I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant by all the bricks. Thanks!

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      I very messily went over the bricks and so it dripped on the nube grey bricks, but I didn’t intentionally paint over the grey if that makes sense! I avoided the grey bricks but wasn’t too careful if a little white got on them.

  5. Would this work on an already painted brick fireplace?

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      I haven’t personally tried this product on painted brick, but I would expect it to give the same color. You just can’t get the worn look by washing any off to show more brick. Good luck!

  6. Candace Kennedy says:

    How many quarts of each color did you use?

  7. I love how your fireplace turned out and will be trying it myself. I noticed the label on the lime wash recommends 50%-70% dilution, not 100% (1:1 mix in your directions). Did you intentionally add more water to the solution because you liked the effect better?

  8. CYNTHIA Blemle says:

    I love the results. Was one qt of each plenty? I have to do an entire wall…thought maybe a gallon might be better?

  9. Jan Geyer says:

    I love the entire look! What color are your walls?

  10. Question what color stain did you use a n mantel?

  11. Shelby Jewell says:

    Did you prime your fireplace

  12. You said you need a masonry brush, but in the photo it shows you using a regular paint brush doing the mortar. Is that just how you got it in the crevices, but used a larger masonry brush to do the bricks? I looked up the link you gave and see the brush is $11 at Home Depot, and am wondering if that is the kind you used, or did you find a smaller one?

  13. One more question…my fireplace is about the same size as yours. Would a quart of each color be enough, or did you need a gallon of each to do it?

  14. Shelby Jewell says:

    I did my fire place and it came out great. The Masonary brush was horrible I would not recommend that. I ended up using the cheap 3 inch paint brush it did the best job on my brick. I wish I could post pictures

  15. Looks great! Just one question,,,did you prime first or not? if so with what? Thanks! Cori

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