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Learn to decorate and create a home you love & enjoy.

I work with women who want help creating an inspiring and beautiful home they can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. 




Do you know what you like, but struggle to put it all together in your home? Or maybe you like many different styles and aren't sure how to mix them cohesively? Sounds like you need help refining your decorating style!

This is a personal analysis that helps you in defining what makes your style unique while meeting your wants/needs in the home.  This is the first building block to developing an individual signature decorating style that truly defines the essence of YOU!

The consultation is done virtually or over the phone.  To get started, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help me in analyzing your lifestyle, goals, objectives, your home's needs and personal style preferences.  The consultation will include a full color analysis to determine the colors that you are drawn to and feel cohesive in your home, and a custom color scheme will be created exclusively for you.

The next phase of the consultation is to analyze the different styles you like and what furniture styles, fabrics and patterns, wood finishes make up your own unique decorating style. I will work with you 1 on 1 to uncover these elements and make sure we are staying true to you and what it is you like.

Lastly, we'll define your signature decorating style and I'll coach you through how to use it to ensure that you make better furniture and accessory choices in the future, and develop a beautifully decorated home that fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.  At the end of the consultation you will receive a personalized style report to look back on and help you during your transition as you continue decorating your home. Click the button below to get started!




Need help picking out furniture for a room you're decorating? Want a second opinion on what rug would look best in your living room? Or maybe you can't figure out what to hang on your walls? I can help! I will work with you 1 on 1 to help you select furniture and/or decor accessories that best fit your space, needs, and style. I will be available to answer your decorating questions along the way and be there coaching you through each decision. Perfect for projects big and small! Please fill out the form using the button below and I will get back to you with customized pricing information once I understand your needs and the project scope.