Room Refresh E-Design Package

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Looking to design more than 1 room? Email me at for discounted package pricing!


How it Works

A design collaboration done entirely online via email and phone calls if needed. We work together to design your space and I share style boards to give you a visual and include links to purchase all items to get the look. Design process typically takes 2 weeks.

You Will Get:

  • Private access to your Design Project & messaging about the project

  • Curated Secret Pinterest Board Collaboration

  • 1 Mood Board

  • 1 Floor Plan

  • 1 Shopping list

  • Written instructions for installation

I had a few ideas of what I wanted, but after I saw the first mock-up it really helped me make decisions and helped me pick items that would all look good together. I don’t think I could have picked out items that would have gone together as well as what she did. Amanda helped me pick out everything to decorate my space and make it beautiful! It is exciting to finally have my house feel like a home!
— Amber S.

The Process:

1. Payment is required to begin. You can purchase through my website using the Add to Cart button above.

2. Once payment is received, you will send me all the project information, pictures, inspiration and anything else you want me to know before I begin designing.

3. We will schedule a phone call to chat for 20 minutes about your needs and I’ll ask any questions about the information you sent to make sure we’re on the same page.

4. Here’s where the fun starts! I will create 1 floor plan layout, mood board, and secret Pinterest board full of product ideas for the design within 7 business days of receiving the project information.

5. We will then discuss your likes and dislikes of each piece on the mood board and I will send alternative options (up to 3 new options per item if necessary- any options over 3 are subject to additional fees). We do this all in Pinterest so it’s easy and all in one place!

6. Once you’ve approved each item on the mood board, I’ll hand over the final design board along with the floor plan and installation instructions. You then order the items on your own and install yourself!

7. I will be available to you for email communication as you implement the design. We can make revisions if something goes out of stock or doesn't work out the way we envisioned for some reason. My job is to make sure you absolutely love the end result!

*Price per room. Open concept rooms are priced separately.

What is E-Design?

Ready to turn your home into a place you LOVE? E-Design is an affordable and accessible decorating option that is all done online via email or calls. You provide the information upfront (photos of your home, inspiration, and your wants/needs) and I’ll create a custom design for your room.

E-design is for the person who wants help from a design professional finding all the right pieces and deciding on a furniture layout for your space without spending hours yourself looking for furniture and decor.

This service means you handle all purchasing and implementation once the final design plan is complete. Everything is done virtually so it works well for clients across the U.S. and beyond.


Curated Pinterest board

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  • You know what you like but need help from a designer to pull it all together in your home

  • You want to finish decorating your room FAST and get a custom design plan in just 2 weeks

  • You need ideas and aren’t sure what your room needs to make it feel cohesive and put-together

  • You're ready to have a home you love + enjoy

Room Refresh E-Design Package
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