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    1. Thank you!! So glad you like them. That’s a great idea to give them as a gift!

  1. Pat Schwab says:

    Can you save these and use them again next year?

    1. Definitely! I should have mentioned that they are not delicate at all and will last many years.

  2. Alexalioncourt says:

    Thank you for this craft! We did out first batch and they came out great. When we were done, we took the liquid, added another cup of water and 3 tbsp of Borax, reheated and are doing another batch. Each batch has come out as well as the first.

  3. How would you recommend cleaning out the individual jars afterwards? Adding boiling water?

    1. After I crystalized the jars, I wanted to keep them that way so I didn’t try cleaning them. The glass could shatter if it wasn’t made for boiling water temps. The pot that I did use and want cleaned, I boiled some water and the crystals disappeared! If you don’t want to have crystal jars, I’d suggest using pots as your container because then you can boil water to clean them easily.

      1. Definitely don’t pour boiling water into a glass jar. It will crack.You can probably put the jars into you pot of water, and heat them gradually, like when you’re sterilizing canning jars, to get them up to temperature without cracking.

  4. Marilyn Gray says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, it is just amazing to see those ‘crystals’ form onto the pipe-cleaner.

  5. I want to use them for my outside Christmas tree, so you think the would keep if they get snow or rain on them?

    1. I think they would be ok outside. They just may not last quite as many years when using them inside. Such a pretty idea though!

  6. Fishing line would make a nice hanger if you aren’t into the rustic look or siler thread…

  7. I LOVED this idea! it is so pretty!

  8. Brittanie says:

    Could you go ahead and tie the jute through the pipe cleaner and then hang it on the utensil if you arent connecting the icicles? That way you dont have to bother with cutting and gluing after the crystal’s form?

  9. These look really awesome. I live with someone who is on oxygen 24/7, does this make fumes or make the room smell strongly of perfume?

  10. Christine says:

    I wonder if you could add a few drops of food coloring to make some faux rock candy type crystals…

  11. Thank you so much for doing this! They are beautiful and I plan on making some with my grandkids!

  12. laurel a decker says:

    How long will these last? Two seasons?

  13. What a neat idea. Thank You, Susan

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