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  1. Vicki Berschman says:

    Very nice work!!! I love everything about it!!!

  2. Amanda Penning says:

    Thank you!! We’re definitely glad it’s finished and we can now enjoy it!

  3. Beautiful! I stumbled across your post on Pinterest and love your before/after. Could you share the overall cost was?

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      I’m happy you’re here, Julie! The estimated cost is about $5k including appliances. We already had the floor purchased and the butcher block is much more affordable than quartz or granite. Plus we did it all ourselves so we didn’t pay for any labor!

  4. My word…your kitchen is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It seriously looks like it’s right out of Fixer Upper! Y’all did an incredible job! I’ve pinned this and will definitely use it for my upcoming kitchen remodel! Thank you for sharing! -Nicole, Jax., FL

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole! Good luck to you on your upcoming kitchen remodel! I’m excited for you 🙂

  5. Wonderful job! What is the paint color used for the cabinets? Perfect grey!!! ❤️

  6. Beautiful job! Where did you buy the butcher block countertops? Were they difficult to install?

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Thank you! We got our butcher block counters from Menards because they had big enough slabs so we would only have two minor seams where we cut them to fit. They are pretty straightforward to install. The toughest part was cutting out the space for the sink. We used brackets that attached to the cabinets that screw into the butcher block to hold it in place. Pretty simple!

  7. Love it! What is your wall color?

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Thank you, Meagan! The wall color is ivory lace by Sherwin Williams.

  8. What cabinet pulls did you use?

  9. The “experts” say to have counter space on both sides of your own, but if I center mine, it doesn’t leave room for a functional corner cabinet space. Have you had any regrets about the stove placement?

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Hi Tarina, our original plan was to have cabinets on both sides of the oven, but after ripping out the old cabinets we discovered the gas line so we had to change our cabinet plan and since the cabinets are not custom, there wasn’t a size available for the cabinet to accommodate the change, so we were forced to only have cabinets on one side of the oven. Obviously, if we could have done cabinets on both sides, we would still make that decision. That’s just part of renovating, it doesn’t always go as planned!

  10. What is your flooring? It is a beautiful color. Does it have a natural seal only?

  11. What is the EXACT paint color, type, and brand of your kitchen cabinets? This is EXACTLY what we want to do to ours!! It’s beautiful

  12. Hello came across you on Pinterest wanted to ask you about your sink to window it appears it my be off center. I am remodeling and to use a super Susan my sink would be off center about 3 inches from the window and trying to determine if it’s worth it or if it would make the area look too off

  13. Excellent work! Using this as a model for my kitchen reno – thanks for posting!

  14. I love the remodel! Can you share where you purchased your roman blondes from? Thank you

  15. What is that light above the sink. Was that the original one? thank you!

  16. Gorgeous kitchen! We’re looking at replicating it in our home. But I’m hesitant to order these cabinets because they get terrible reviews on Home Depot’s website. How have yours held up?

  17. Brooke Sheldon says:

    Where did you get your sink?

  18. Theresa Sisson says:

    Where did you get the black open shelving piece? I am looking for this exact item.

  19. I love this kitchen so much. I am in the middle of a remodel and plan to do butcher block as well. I love the color yours so much! What wood type is that? Maple?

  20. Gorgeous kitchen! What color is that lovely teal door? I’m looking for a shade just like that. Thank you!!

  21. elizabeth phillips says:

    I always love seeing kitchen renovations. You guys did a wonderful job! Love everything!! Cabinets, butcher block counters, tile and even your trash can! 😉

  22. Nice job! A counter depth fridge would have been a better bet but you do lose space for food.

  23. Hi
    We are looking to remodel our kitchen and layout is similar to yours, our problem is trying to figure out a different place to move the refrigerator, where it is now, we can’t open the left door all the way because of the wall. I’d really like to move it to the opposite side where the stove is but don’t want to have to do a lot of rewiring but could possibly just tap into the existing wall outlets. I have been trying to make the jump and get it done but keep hesitateing, afraid!
    What do you think?
    I tried to insert some pictures but it won’t allow me to.

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  28. Cynthia Noel says:

    Love your kitchen the colors look so clean and I love the color of your cabinets. You did a great job! Very helpful.

  29. Hernan Fernandez says:

    WOW loved your article (was directed here from pinterest btw), very well written and the renovation is wonderful!!!

  30. Where did you get the paint for your cabinets at? Beautiful job

  31. What color white did you use to paint your kitchen walls?

  32. Kara-Lynn Flockhart says:

    I love your kitchen renovation as it is simple and beautiful. And you answered a question I had for quite awhile now-how to do a kitchen redo when it’s not your forever home. I’ve been leaning toward butcher block over quartz for cost and charm. This post helped me make up my mind. All the best!

  33. Ann Steinemann says:

    Hi Amanda,

    You did an excellent job on the DIY kitchen remodel. Thank you so much for taking the time to post photos and a video detailing all you did. Like you and your husband, my partner and I have struggled to cook in our uninspiring original 1950 galley kitchen for the past 4 years. My partner painted the original cabinets, walls and installed new flooring a couple years ago as a stop gap measure. The cabinets are uninsulated (so dishes get very cold in winter) plus drawers have no runners so are difficult to open and close. Sink and faucet are rusting, formica counters are trashed and there’s no dishwasher. Even though my partner is very handy and I have good design sense, I was afraid to tackle this ourselves. Was close to hiring a design build firm to do this. My hesitation was to spend a lot of money when I may sell home in a year or so. Your post helped me to realize that this is something we could do ourselves for a third of the cost. Your design choices are very similar to what I would have chosen and the fact that it cost you 5K including appliances (which we already purchased) is incredible. Stumbling upon this blog on Pinterest made my day and saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you!!!!

  34. Thank you sooo much AmandaKatherine, you are a blessing to me today. Seek and you will find, and you answered my every question. Blessings and Thank you again and again and again. Your kitchen is ideal.

  35. Judith De Jager says:

    I absolutely love everything about your kitchen, the clarity of your writing style and the step by step pictures. I’m also encouraged that it took you a while, and you lived with the "during" look while you had to – at least it’s not just me! I wondered about some shaker detailing, or shelving, at the blank ends of your floor cabinets? There are some lovely ideas available. But maybe you want to keep it simple and restful? Looking forward to exploring more of your blog.

  36. What color did you stain the butcher block?

  37. Where did you get the farm house sink and cost .

  38. Carmen Jones says:

    Amanda I love your kitchen redo, we also have a small kitchen and hardly any cabinets so we are going to change it out and put in new cabinets and a new sink, I have an authentic farmhouse sink that is 5 ft long but the porcelain has and is peeling so we are replacing it and will have to change things around because of the sink! I love your design and that is what I am hoping to do!!!

  39. Danielle Cote says:

    What is the color name of that paint ? I love it!

  40. Jenifer Cook says:

    You must live in or close to Omaha, since you mentioned Nebraska Furniture Mart!
    I love the look you made, the color and style of cupboards abd it was ingenious to have a metal shelf made that isn’t standard!! Doing all the work done yourself is a Huge bonus!!!! I’m very impressed! I too had trouble with new fridge….it barely fit between our cupboards also…..thank goodness for a carpenter-he just wiggled & wala! It fit! It’s nothing like finding out your measuring and careful search doesn’t work!

  41. I love that paint color on the cabinets, what color is it?

  42. This kitchen remodel is giving me life! I love how it’s crisp and clean but still has some warmth. Obsessed!! We are getting our <a href="">cabinets painted</a> and I’m totally sold on this gray color. If only we had the butcher block countertop to match…haha Stunning, definitely coming back to this post to show my husband.

  43. About how much for the cabinets? If you don’t mind me asking. These are the ones I have been looking at and my kitchen has similar layout. It’s just me at home so…. I’m dreading planning, measuring etc. an idea of cost would help me:) thanks!

  44. I would say that modern metallics such as brushed or stainless steel, brass and hammered copper are just some exciting trends to include in your kitchen remodel.

  45. What color did you stain the butcher block? Looks great!

  46. Can I ask a question about your butcher block? I’m trying to get a super light light finish on the butcher block we are going to install, and it seems you got the end product and result km looking for. Did you stain it or whitewash it? Or literally just cut and put it on there and use mineral oil? Did you not seal it to be water proof?

  47. Your kitchen layout is almost exactly like mine and I am considering Hampton Bay Cabinets. I love everything you did! Very nice!

  48. Where did you get your chalk board from
    Thank you!

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      My husband actually made it!

  49. great value handyman says:

    A kitchen renovation can improve comfort in a number of ways; for example, better ventilation can help reduce the odors and heat that cooking in the kitchen produces. Installing a kitchen island that provides seating space can be a great way to add an additional dining area to your home. Adding larger windows can help bring in more sunlight.

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Thanks for your tips!

    1. Amanda Penning says:

      Thank you! Best of luck on your kitchen project 🙂

  50. I thought I would like having gray cabinets in my kitchen but now I wish I had gone with white, everything seems bland and colors don’t pop like I thought they would

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