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  1. Finding harmony in my home decor is not always easy, he trouble with me is I like too many things. I find this a really good idea to really zone in on your style and then take it forward from there.

    1. I struggle with the same thing. I love many different styles so I really have to focus on my dream home board and remind myself of the style that really speaks to me, and learn to just appreciate the others.

  2. Thank you for this post! I was skeptical because I am fickle and usually find something I like better after making a purchase. So I decided to go through my existing home decor Pinterest boards and repinned what I absolutely loved, as you suggested, to a new board called “Determining My Style.” A definite pattern emerged! Lots of neutrals — white, greige, woods — which are all calming to me. Also, a lot more yellow than I realized. I love yellow, but usually resist it because it doesn’t seem on trend. I’m also always trying to fit in dark finishes because I think I should, but light finishes ruled on the board, with touches of dark. Such a good exercise!

    1. Hi Janis,
      So happy to hear you tried it and noticed a pattern among your favorite pins! Sometimes what we think we like is a little different from what we actually like, as you uncovered after doing the exercise. I hope you have a much clearer idea now of what you’re drawn to and can incorporate some of them into your home 🙂

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