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  1. This is so helpful, but two questions:
    How to best integrate ugly coloured doorframes, doors, windows or floors?
    And what if your husband does not agree with your scheme?

    We rent our places, since we are both fairly mobile in our jobs and move every few years. My taste always switches between warm and cool, so I mostly decided on white furniture, as it would easily fit all colour schemes. My husband basically likes minimalist (as in no decoration) plain wood. But what truly drives me crazy is the colour of doorframes and doors.
    In our current place they are white, which I love and our colour scheme could be called shades of white and grey with some blue and potted plants. But we are looking for a new place and the doors are often dark or reddish wood. Any advice?

    1. Great questions, Dalia.
      As a renter, painting or updating the trim and doors is out of the question, so I suggest choosing a color palette that works with the current trim. For example, I HATE our orange trim and doors and even though we own the house, I don’t know if changing it is worth our time our effort. Knowing that we might not change it, I chose a color scheme that has cooler colors (blues, greys, whites) to contrast with the warm wood trim. This helps balance it out. I’m still not crazy about our trim, but at least the overall design of our house works with it. There are a few ways to camouflage the trim around windows as well that helps eliminate the appearance of ugly trim. Hanging floor length curtains above the windows will cover the majority of trim around windows and instantly update the room. I did this in our living room and it looks so much better. So if your new place has dark reddish wood, I would choose a cool color palette to balance it out.

      As far as your husband disagreeing…I would suggest you both create a Pinterest board called Dream Home following the steps in this post

      Once you have your boards filled, compare his to yours and find the similarities. If you choose bits and pieces from both your boards, you will land on a style that you’re both happy with.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to email me with followup questions 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your long answer. I will try to integrate it when we move again.I would love to buy a completely new set of furniture everytime, but alas. We usually go with a toned-down-version of what I want to integrate my husbands taste, since his taste is plain wall-bed-table-chair-done.
        Btw, I think your trim looks very coherent with your furniture. 🙂

  2. How so you integrate doors and windowframes that match non of your furniture and favourite palette? And do houseplants count as neutral?

  3. Do i need to count fixture finishes as one of my colors?
    Also, do you exclude kids rooms from the whole house color scheme?

    My daughter wants pink & purple stripes in her room. My son wants navy blue in his room.

    I dont want to “waste” one of my house colors on either of those 🙂

    But I DO want to have a cohesive home

    1. Hi Christi,
      No fixture finishes do not count as one of your 3-5 colors.

      Yes, kids can should be excluded from the rest of the house color scheme. You certainly don’t have to waste a color and feel like you have to use pink in the rest of your house because it’s in your daughter’s room. Kids rooms can be fun and completely different than the rest of your house because of the nature of the room 🙂

      Let me know if you have more questions!

  4. This is so helpful, thank you! The house I recently bought has orange/red/brown wood ceilings, and a similar color range in the wood floor. I’m considering white washing in between the wood beams on the ceilings, but would want that white wash to be the same as the white on trim and doors. I like warm whites, but given how much yellow/orange wood there is, would cool whites be better?

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