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  1. Fantastic DIY project! Love it!!Just wanted to let you know I can’t read the yellow hyperlinks at all. I have a little eye trouble, do I feel I’m missing some of what you are saying.
    Found this on Pinterest and now looking forward to seeing more from you!

    1. Thank you so much for giving your feedback on the hyperlinks. I questioned it when I redesigned my blog a couple months ago. Will be changing it now 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hola chile encanta todo hermoso

  3. This is a great DIY for renters! So many projects require that you own your house. And this is a great time to be looking for those wire baskets. The retail world thinks it’s Spring! (Dollar Tree here I come, because I have several light fixtures that this would improve!)

    1. You’re right! It’s also great for those that aren’t so handy with electrical wire (me!). Be sure to send me photos of your newly updated light fixtures! I can’t wait to see 🙂

  4. omg; i absolutely love this!!! i would love to see how the light hits those clear beads once it’s actually on… & i actually work at joann’s craft & fabric, so when these items go on clearance, i’m going to try this!!just out of curiosity, i know you said that you wrapped the garland around, did you use any spray adhesive of any sort, or did you take advantage of the spray paint being tacky to adhere the garland to the basket? or did you just wrap it and that’s it?

    1. Thank you! Honestly, the light doesn’t reflect off the beads too much, so there isn’t a dramatic look like a real chandelier. Great question about the adhesive! I should have mentioned that the garlands I used were wire, so I could bend them into place I wrapped them around the basket. No glue was needed! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

      1. about halfway thru (didn’t buy enough garland)… Looking pretty cool.. The hanging of the hooks looks a little tricky (made an attempt). Did you bend the top part of the hangers to fit flat over the light fixture?

        1. How exciting!! Hopefully the store has more garlands you can grab. The hanging hooks I actually found in Target (they were meant for something else I think) and worked perfectly so I didn’t have to bend or change them at all! Let me know if you still have questions about the hangers and I’m happy to help.

  5. Love this idea for a modern looking chandelier! Very creative use of the wire basket. I will share on my blog as the jewelry makers should come and visit!

  6. Just found your site through Pinterest. Yes, us renters need all the help we can get. Thanks for the information on where you find your equipment. I have several “challenging” renters problems, including a couple of your wonderful flush mounted ceiling lights to conquer. Any solutions for an ugly, old-fashioned ceiling fan combo?

    1. Welcome, so glad you’re here! I have a couple ceiling fan combos I’m still trying to tackle, but no clever DIY solution yet!

  7. Just love your clever idea’s………brilliant

  8. Javier mata says:

    Hola dese Caracas Venezuela, esta increíble haré uno para mi baño, te doy 100% de calificación por tan fantástico diy

  9. I don’t read English very well but I understood all what you said. Thank you : it’s a very good idea….

  10. I’d love to see it with the light switched on!

  11. Where did you get the 12″basket? All I can find is 14″.

    1. I just bought one at Big Lots

  12. omg this looks fabulous, thank you a great tutorial, have to try this one for sure.Should i be concerned with the bulb heating up the wires and beads when leave the light on for a long time?

    1. The wires and beads aren’t directly touching the light bulb so I haven’t noticed them getting too warm.

  13. Absolutely Amazing. Cant wait to do this in my daughters room. She has an 80s dome light and needs some bling!)May I ask where you got the lights? I have only seen stings with 1 style bulb. I love the look yours lent to the light.
    Kind thanks!

    1. She will love it! I didn’t use any string lights on this project, they are actually bead garlands with a variety of beads strung around the wire basket. Let me know if you have more questions!

  14. Thanks for sharing this idea, I can’t believe I can make a chandelier like yours.It’s gorgeous.

    1. Be sure to send me a photo of your finished chandelier! Have fun 🙂

  15. Just wanted to say what a great idea this is, and so pretty too! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. Tammy meyer says:

    I just the idea of covering an ugly light fixtures. So cool. Where did you get the string garland? I am dying to try this. Thanks for ideas.

  17. Karen Blatcher says:

    I just love this light cover!!! It is so lovely and delicate. I don’t have a ceiling light in my apt but i am buying all the supplies and then see if I can be creative. Thank you again. Your directions are so easy. Beautiful!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! I think you could definitely hang this up without a light. Can’t wait to see your finished product 🙂

  18. This is so clever! I have an idea to adapt it to fit a ceiling rose and flex fitting by adding a lampshade fitment to the wire basket. However I’m worried it could be a fire hazard. What do you think?

    1. Hi Sandra, if I’m understanding correctly, as long as the lampshade isn’t sitting directly on the lightbulb and it’s set up similar to how an actual lampshade sits on a lamp, it should be safe. Send a pic of your project – I’d love to see it!

  19. Debra Gregory says:

    what craft store did you find the garland in? It is so fabulous, attempting to create myself but havn’t been able to find the strands. thank you for the great idea

  20. Jane Charley says:

    I loved the look of the modified boobs light. I always hated the cheap brass trim. I couldn’t find the Garland but I did find crystals connected by very soon metal circles. I connected the crystals + reinforced then with hot glue. I wish I could send a picture of how beautiful my Chandelier looks. You can find it on my Facebook page Jane Charley. Because of the difficulty in attaching the little wire rings I swore I’d never make another one all the neighbors have asked me to it’s definitely not the expense. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful idea

    1. So happy you were able to make your own and even come up with your own personal twist! A little update like that makes all the difference 🙂 Checking out your Facebook page now to find your chandelier.

  21. I just found this and I think it’s brilliant! I’m headed over to the craft store as soon as they open. It’s going into my bathroom. Thank you so much for sharing your great idea.

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