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  1. Sandra Ellis says:

    Problem I’m finding is the bulbs are all LED and lower lumens, even with 3-5 bulbs the wattage isn’t bright enough.

  2. deb smith says:

    I have an open concept in my home, the dining room and kitchen are more or less 1 room. I would like a soft gold for the dining room, can I mix a bronze in the kitchen? I have a small island in the middle of the kitchen that measures about 4 foot long, how many lights can I use there?

  3. Tom HIllman says:

    These tips are very helpful to choose the right light fixture size for your home. Thank you so much.

  4. Living Room Light Fittings says:

    Amazing!! I can’t stop reading it. I am not sure about money and power saving units but this lighting looks beautiful

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