How to Create a Mood Board

how to create a mood board without Photoshop for your design plan

If you’re thinking about decorating a room in your home, you probably have lots of ideas floating around your head, and aren’t sure how to know what will look good together. Does that paint color really go with that rug and couch?

When I’m designing a room, I need to see what everything will look like together because I’m such a visual person. If the design looks off or I need to tweak something, it’s better to know ahead of time, before I actually make purchase and then get it home and decide it doesn’t look right. You can save yourself a lot of time and money, not to mention frustration, by seeing visually how everything works together with a mood board. Yay to not being a victim of design regret!

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a mood board so you can view all your ideas in one place.

Once I’ve created my design plan for whatever room it is I'm working on, I create a mood board to see all the pieces and colors together. A mood board is essentially a collage of the furniture and elements you’re incorporating in your space. You can create a mood board by using magazine clippings or printing images, or you can create a mood board digitally on the computer. I’ve used Photoshop or even just Word to make mood boards in the past, but I found an even easier way! It’s call Olioboard. It’s a free tool (has paid features but you don’t really need them) that makes putting together a mood board on the computer super simple.

Mood boards are also super handy to give others a visual of what the space will look like. Say, if you’re trying to convince the hubby that a blingy chandelier will in fact, not look “too girly” in the dining room :)

how to create a mood board without Photoshop for your design plan

Mobile ChandelierRound Kitchen TableSimilar Kitchen Chairs

Here’s my kitchen mood board for our renovation project. I just took screenshots of two different kitchens I found on Pinterest I liked to get the cabinets visual as part of the mood board. Then, I added the other elements like subway tile, butcher block counters, our wood floors, and furniture and lighting. 


1. How to Create a Mood Board

Go o and click Join Now in the upper right hand corner to create a free account.

how to create a mood board without Photoshop for your design plan



2. Start Your Free Account

Click CREATE on the top of the page to start your blank canvas. Start by searching by category for furniture and decor to drag and drop on your canvas. You can also search for a specific item by typing in chair, for example, and a whole bunch of different chair images will pop up. On the My Items tab, you can upload images of specific furniture and decor, which is what I did. I just took screenshots of the actual table and light fixture I wanted, and uploaded them. Based on the room you’re decorating, you can even add backgrounds to look like your actual space.


3. Save Your Work

Periodically save your work by clicking the save button in the upper right hand of the screen. Once you’re finished, you can click Publish, to save it as a board you can always access under your Olioboard account, or you can click Download, to get a jpeg file.


I hope this little tutorial is helpful as you are decorating your next room! It should help you visualize the space together and plan accordingly. It really is simple and totally worth the time!