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  1. I just found your blog while looking for info about conflicting undertones. I like your explanation of undertones and think you’re saying that you should go with the undertone that is most dominant in your space to make a cohesive look. My problem is with our kitchen which was remodeled by the previous owner. It has multiple undertones and I’m not sure which one to go with. The cabinets are an orangey maple, the trim is stained orange-looking oak. I’m not sure what the undertone of the granite countertops is…green maybe? They have lots of flecks of color…orange, cream, greenish gray, black and teenie-tiny flecks of dark grape. The backsplash and tile floor have a pink undertone. How in the world do I tie this together? The walls are currently painted a mustard yellow. I prefer a more subdued look and would like to go with a neutral beige or cream. I don’t want to add to the color confusion by going with the wrong undertone. I realize it’s difficult to offer advice when you can’t see the space, but is there a general rule of thumb with multiple and conflicting undertones?

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