Large Master Bedroom Ideas for the One Room Challenge

I’m kicking off today as the official first day of the One Room Challenge! Years ago I did a few One Room Challenges, and I’m excited to be back. If you aren’t familiar, the One Room Challenge is where a group of bloggers tackle one room in their home and have 6 weeks to complete it, sharing weekly updates on progress.

It’s always so fun to see what other bloggers are working on, plus it’s great motivation (50+ accountability partners helps ha) to finish a project in your home you might other drag out. Because let’s be honest, it happens to all of us. The timeline definitely goes quick and can get a little stressful trying to finish decorating a room in just 6 weeks.

But, I figured what better time to tackle a project like this than after moving into our new home!

We’ve been in our home just over a week and things are far from settled. We have boxes and stuff laying around and lots of empty rooms and I’m itching to get organized. I’ve had ideas for our new home brewing in my brain practically since we walked into the house for the first time. Please tell me I am not the only one dreaming up plans wayyy in advance. Realistically, we have to take it room by room, one project at a time. So for the next 6 weeks our focus is our large master bedroom.

Here’s what the master looked like when the house was listed. Not exactly my style ;)


And here’s what it looks like now after just moving in and using our existing furniture. This new bedroom is quite a bit larger than our previous room, so it feels pretty empty and bare right now and our furniture doesn’t quite go in this space. I also despise the bluish grey paint color on the walls.


Large Master Bedroom Ideas

Because the rest of the house is out of sorts and we haven’t turned those into dream spaces quite yet, I wanted to finish our master bedroom so we at least had a place to relax and recharge that feels like us.

As soon as we put in an offer on this house (we had 60 days till our close date) I began pinning large master bedroom ideas and added them to our new home group board.

Looking at my inspiration photos below, you’ll definitely notice a common theme. I want to stick with neutral colors, a traditional meets modern vibe with some rustic elements.

large master bedroom ideas
large master bedroom ideas 2
large master bedroom ideas 3


Our home has several arched doorways and a couple arched window cutouts as you can see that connects with our master bathroom. I’m researching some cute ways to dress it up with shutters or a a pretty window frame so it feels more intentional and a little less random.

Overall, I want our master bedroom to be a fairly simple, budget-friendly makeover that’s achievable.

First up on the list is the paint the walls! I’ll see you back here next week with progress. Make sure to check out all the amazing designers and other guest participants in the One Room Challenge! There’s a huge variety in rooms and styles so it’s fun to see everyone’s ideas.