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  1. Aw, I’m in the "love the ranch house / split level" camp. More power to you on getting a house to work for you! But I am mad-crazy for original features (orange wood trim? yes please!) especially the older ranches with their garish kitchen and bathroom colors, wood paneling, and wood trim throughout. I want a "dated" home to love "as is." 🙂

  2. Joe Builder says:

    This house in not a Raise Ranch or Split level. Its just a Ranch house with full basement that is exposed on one end because of the slopped landscape. There is no difference in a ranch house with full basement in the ground than this house.

    It does meet the criteria of a true raised ranch house. First it does not have the entry are with split stairs up in down like you describe in your article. Second none off the basement walls are poured and half height. Which was another cost cutting measure to save on the foundation cost. Two very important features that make a house and raised ranch and not just a regular ranch house with the basement exposed.

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