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  1. Haha, this post was written for me. My husband likes it spartanic, white walls, only necessary furniture. He happily lived in prefurnished rooms, even if all the furniture was red! But when we moved in, suddenly he had opinions. So I found a happy medium (most of the furniture was mine and white) and chose a light grey colour and a white/light grey/dark grey colour scheme, with dark wood tables. He was pleasantly surprised, he even agreed that curtains were nice (imagine that :-P).But now we are moving soon, and I am fed up with the cool colours and I want a toned down jungalow feel. But my husbands barely tolerates my many houseplants now…
    We were trying to do your workbook together and had banter over the first question. 😛

    1. Woo! Don’t you love it when guys realize they like actual decor such as curtains! A jungalow theme sounds amazing! If you’re already battling with the first question, try filling it out separately first, and then comparing answers. It might surprise you to see a few similarities and then you can build off that. Don’t forget to have fun 🙂

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